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Monday 19 April

Below is the agenda and pdfs of all available presentations given on the first day of the OxHA Summit ’10. Please note – many of these presentations are large files!

For day 2’s presentations, click here >>

The event was chaired by Richard Smith (UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative) and Nikhil Tandon (Department of Endocrinology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi).


Welcome to the summit

  • Christine Hancock, Director, C3 Collaborating for Health (by video)

Introduction to the Oxford Health Alliance

  • David Matthews, Executive Coordinator, OxHA (by video): click here >>

Overview of India and non-communicable diseases

  • Dr Prabhakaran, Executive Director, Centre of Chronic Disease Control, India
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

A scorecard for chronic disease: Advancing health literacy globally among key audiences

  • Scott Ratzan, Vice President Global Health, Government Affairs and Policy, Johnson & Johnson
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

The Abu Dhabi model for tackling cardiovascular risk

  • Oliver Harrison, Director of Public Health and Policy, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

How to scale up and sustain interventions

  • MEND – Paul Sacher, Chief Research and Development Officer, MEND (by phone): pdf click here >>; video: click here >>
  • Agita Mundo – Victor Matsudo, Chairman of the Physical Activity Network for the Americas. Video: click here >>


Global Alliance for Chronic Disease

  • Cristina Rabadan-Diehl, Director, NHLBI Global Health Initiative:
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

Commercial incentives to change behaviour: evidence, science and rewards

  • Greg Morris, Senior Actuary, Discovery Holdings Ltd, South Africa:
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

Initiatives under way in China

  • Rural initiative – Lijing L. Yan, Director, China International Center for Chronic Disease Prevention [presentation not available]
  • Community interventions for health in Hangzhou – Jun Lv, Peking University Health Science Center
  • Pdf: click here >>
  • Video: click here >>

Using new technology

  • Using wireless technology to combat diabetes along the US and Mexico border – Chris Walker, Director, Public Health Programs, Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, California. Video: click here >>
  • The story of chronic disease: a challenge and an opportunity – Eddie McCaffrey, Joose TV, and OxHA’s New Media Director (by video): click here >> and see the 3FOUR50 Global Audit here >>