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The Summer 2016 newsletter is filled with exciting updates: about C3’s new trustees, recent staff appointments, a healthy weight initiative for nurses and the awarding of a grant to redesign C3’s website. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2016 newsletter calls for new trustees to fill upcoming board vacancies and highlights our strong obesity work, creation of a digital health network, tour ‘behind the headlines’ with the Royal Society of Medicine, and workplace health presentation by Don Shenker about alcohol. Download in brochure form.

The Winter 2015/16 newsletter announces C3’s work with the Health Foundation, International Breakfast Seminars given by Professor David Sweanor and Dr Jean-Michel Borys, and C3’s publication on urban health promotion. Download in brochure form.


The Summer/Autumn 2015 newsletter highlights the launch of the Global NCD Scorecard and the second Workplace Health Movement seminar with Dame Carol Black as well as three International Breakfast Seminars. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2015 newsletter covers C3’s work with nurses in Uganda, addressing links between NCDs and mental health, and an update on our work in local communities, including supporting investment bank Morgan Stanley’s Healthy Cities CSR programme in East London. Download in brochure form.


The Winter 2014 newsletter focuses on workplace health (the first event of the C3 Workplace Health Movement and an update on the successful Health and Wellbeing Champions programme at Serco Health) and The Diabetes Exchange Summit, held in London in November.Download in brochure form.

The Autumn 2014 newsletter highlights C3’s work to map health opportunities with local mothers and young people in socioeconomically deprived areas of London, and International Breakfast Seminars by Dr Robert Lustig (on ‘Healthy, wealthy, and wise?) and Peggy Liu (on ‘A “New Way to Eat” for children in China’). Download in brochure form.

The Summer 2014 newsletter celebrates C3’s fifth anniversary, and calls on our network for ideas for new projects, partners and sponsors that would enable us to expand our work. It also highlights a major new publication – a survey of policymakers’ knowledge of obesity that was launched at the European Congress on Obesity – and our latest events, including two Breakfast Seminars by Ron Dembo and Dr Pedro Hallal. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2014 newsletter focuses particularly on C3’s nursing project, including our involvement with the Commonwealth Nurses Federation conference, a workshop on NCDs and mental health held in Uganda, and the Healthier Nursing Students study with London South Bank University. It also updates our network on the latest International Breakfast Seminars, and other developments (@C3health now has over 2,000 Twitter followers!). Download in brochure form.


C3’s Winter 2013 newsletter leads with the meeting of the UnitedHealth/NHLBI Centers of Excellence initiative. Our International Breakfast Seminars have focused on obesity in Mexico and active travel, and our major publication of the quarter was the Obesity Policymaker Survey. Download in brochure form.

After a busy summer, the Autumn 2013 newsletter highlights C3’s involvement in a multi-partner consortium in a European Commission-funded project, a new ‘health champions’ project for a major UK employer, and three breakfast seminars focusing on the developing world. Download in brochure form.

The Summer 2013 newsletter with plenty on workplace health (the latest two events in the C3 Workplace Health Seminar series, and information about the expert roundtable that C3 held in New York), plus C3’s work with young people in north London, and our latest breakfast seminars. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2013 newsletter introduces the work C3 will be doing with nurses with a new grant from The Burdett Trust for Nursing and describes international breakfast seminars by Derek Yach (The Vitality Institute) and Janet Voûte (Nestlé). Download in brochure form.


The Winter 2012 newsletter summarises the two latest workshops in C3’s Workplace Health Series and our latest international breakfast seminar, and gives a flavour of the many and various meetings at which C3 has presented. Download in brochure form.

The Autumn 2012 newsletter includes C3’s session on ‘Preventing non-communicable disease by ensuring a healthy start in life’ at the 2012 FIGO Congress in Rome, our work with diaspora nurses, and C3’s Olympic summer. Download in brochure form.

The Summer 2012 newsletter highlights busy few months with three breakfast seminars, the launch of a series of seminars on different aspects of workplace health, and the promotion of sustainability and diabetes messages. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2012 newsletter includes information on C3’s latest workplace health workshop, our work with nurses and a breakfast seminar on making healthcare provision more environmentally sustainable. Download in brochure form.


The Winter 2011 newsletter includes information on two breakfast seminars, workplace health and the launch of the Diabetes Dialogue newsletter for European parliamentarians. Download in brochure form.

The Autumn 2011 newsletter published just after the UN High-level Meeting on NCDs in September. It includes information on the UN HLM, which C3 attended and our workplace health initiatives. Download in brochure form.

The Summer 2011 newsletter includes details of the UN hearing for civil-society organisations attended by C3, the latest events in the ‘early origins of health’ project, and a breakfast seminar by Denise Stevens. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2011 newsletter includes information on the early origins of health, workplace health and the latest breakfast seminars, including ‘systems thinking’ with Diane Finegood. Download in brochure form.


The Winter 2010 newsletter offers plenty of information on the run-up to the UN Summit on NCDs in September 2011 (including a C3 International Breakfast Seminar by Sir George Alleyne). Download in brochure form.

The Autumn 2010 newsletter includes information on more of C3’s International Breakfast Seminars (by Bruce Neal and Tom Glynn), an African Leadership Forum on diabetes, and planning for the UN Summit on NCDs. Download in brochure form.

The Summer 2010 newsletter includes information on a successful New Delhi Summit, the first of C3’s International Breakfast Seminars, and the initial meeting of the Global Nursing Project. Download in brochure form.

The Spring 2010 newsletter includes information about the ‘Diabetes in the UK workplace’ event and the forthcoming OxHA summit. Download in brochure form.


Our first Winter 2009 newsletter includes an introduction to C3, and some information about our activities over the last few months – including work with MEND, World Diabetes Day and an event on ‘Savvy Switching’ to healthier eating. Download in brochure form.