Insight session in Abbeville for ASPIRE

Insight session in Abbeville for ASPIRE

27 Sep 2021
In early September, we ran an initial data gathering session with members of the community in the northern French town of Abbeville in Picardy. As a partner in Project ASPIRE, C3 is engaging with 7 different communities across the south of England and the north of France to survey their environments using CHESS™, with a view to reducing obesity and enhancing employability.

Project ASPIRE: Wimereux

05 May 2021
C3 and community members took to the streets in the French commune of Wimereux to identify barriers to good health and develop an action plan for change. Read details about their findings and next steps, including plans to redevelop the children's forest.

ASPIRE in the town of Ham

26 Apr 2021
Community members of Ham are keen to identify solutions that will allow them to use the space around them to practice outdoor activities and acquire a better knowledge of the local food systems. Through C3's CHESS tool, they identified their communities' strengths and weaknesses and developed ideas for change.

The ASPIRE project: Obesity and unemployment – what’s the link?

04 Jan 2021
C3 is pleased to be one of 14 organisations from across Southern England and Northern France aiming to holistically address obesity and unemployment via ASPIRE (Adding to Social capital and individual Potential In disadvantaged REgions). This €10 million Interreg VA Channel project has been awarded more than €7 million by the European Regional Development Fund and runs from September 2019 to February 2023. C3 will be using its innovative mobile tool, CHESS, in 7 sites across England and France.

Climate Change and NCDs

07 Apr 2022
The world has been fighting Covid-19 for over two years, but there is another health crisis we still need to tackle, two actually, climate change and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Air pollution has been called the biggest environmental health risk of the 21st century. Whilst NCDs like cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, and diabetes account for 74% of deaths worldwide. Together climate change and NCDs are a serious threat to global health. Is there a link between climate change and NCDs? The short answer is yes. A report in March 2022 found that climate change affects human health and wellbeing in...
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Food consumption trends in the UK

21 Feb 2022
Obesity is a global pandemic influenced by the food environment and individual choices. Obesity in the UK is amongst the worst in Europe with more than 60% of adults living with overweight or obesity. In England, 20% of year 6 children were classified as living with obesity in 2020 with a prevalence twice as high in the most deprived areas than the least deprived areas. Trends in food consumption are worth looking at as some are important factors contributing to rising levels of obesity (Eg: increasing consumption of meals out of the home).

CHESS™ in Ashford

08 Jan 2022
C3's community engagement approach has successfully helped communities reduce barriers to healthy behaviours such as diet and physical activity. What about reducing violence and anti-social behaviour? Follow along as we work with Ashford Community Safety Partnership to engage young people aged 16-25.

Digital exclusion: The importance of connection

05 Jan 2022
Being able to access and use the internet is widely acknowledged to be crucial to health, employment, and life-chances in general, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Read how C3's Boscombe (UK) project helped community members overcome their digital exclusion.

We’re hiring! Join C3 as our campaign manager

05 Jan 2022
Are you a creative person who is passionate about helping charities expand their reach? Are you interested in how we can make it easier for people to live healthy lives? C3 is seeking an enthusiastic person to transform our online presence and to take us to the next level as a charity.