Should a health intervention fit routines or disrupt them?

24 May marks the start of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, a 100 day journey to 'get the world moving'. Virgin Pulse's Andrea Maltman answers the question of whether a health intervention should fit routines or disrupt them using evidence from the GC. And, don't forget to wish C3 luck as we compete in the Global Challenge again this year!Read more

Happy International Nurses Day!

12 May 2017: We at C3 congratulate the over 19 million nurses across the globe for the great work they do, and the opportunity they have to change the health of the world's population by incorporating prevention into their day-to-day nursing practice. Thank you!Read more

Physical activity: the miracle drug

When the UK’s Chief Medical Officer said ‘if it was a pill, physical activity would be the miracle drug’, she wasn’t exaggerating. Some of the benefits of being active – for just half an hour or so a day – include:Read more

A healthy weight initiative for nurses, by nurses

WIN. aims to explore whether nurses can be helped to maintain a healthy weight. Healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, are often hailed as ideally placed to tackle the global pandemic of obesity through frontline contact with patients.Read more

Holding a work event soon? Make it a healthy one!

Interested in making your venue healthy? There are various little tips and tricks to do so!Read more

Overcoming the challenges facing “healthy lives” interventions

Chronic, non-communicable diseases pose a huge challenge for England’s National Health Service. But the NHS itself is overwhelmingly concerned with sickness rather than health. Instead, the levers of change in our everyday lives – the environment, organisations and individuals that shape our decisions on health – lie largely outside the medical world.Read more

Walking: the gateway to physical activity

In an ideal world, the easiest choice would be the healthiest choice but, over recent decades, physical activity rates have been declining due to modern forms of transport and changing habits. Walking is the most convenient, free and most broadly accessible forms of physical activity for people of all ages, but still many of us aren’t aware of the benefits regular walking holds.Read more

NCDs: Getting the message right

Are NCD’s receiving the attention they deserve, or are other political issues that might appear to be more urgent obscuring their importance?Read more

Investigating health with communities

February in the UK is not exactly known for its warm weather. This particular day in February is no exception from the rule, but still a small group of local people have gathered at a community centre ready to brave the cold. The group is taking part in C3’s Healthy Communities project and they are about to embark on an investigative walk in their neighbourhood using an app* that will help them to see whether their local area helps or hinders their ability to live healthily.Read more

Salt: the forgotten killer

When thinking of making healthy dietary changes, cutting out sugar, carbohydrates and red meat promptly springs to mind – but what about salt?Read more