Amanda Thieba is events and office assistant at C3. Amanda’s background is in sociology and global health. She became keen to join C3's global fight against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) after developing an interest in NCD prevention and control in low-income countries during her graduate studies. Prior to C3, Amanda worked as an intern in research, administration and liaison support roles at various organisations including Médecins Sans Frontières' research wing Epicentre, the African Health Policy Network and Doctors of the World. Her most recent work experience was with Safe Food Advocacy Europe, an EU-level lobbying organisation working to improve consumer protection in EU food regulation.

Amanda's role: 

Amanda provides support in the planning, organising and execution of C3’s events, as well as in the running of C3’s office. Amanda also assists with events, communications and administration across C3’s projects.

How Amanda practises what she preaches: 

Amanda enjoys strolling in her neighbourhood to reasonably loud levels of music. At C3’s office, Amanda can invariably be found sipping from her trademark 2L water bottle at the end of the shared office table. She has also been working on increasing her daily intake of fruits and vegetables since joining C3.

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