Ina Andersson is C3’s research & projects officer. Ina studied sociology at the University of Glasgow where she developed a keen interest in global health, completing work on the differing experiences of health and illness in various social and cultural contexts. Ina’s background is in community development, and she was drawn to C3’s mission after spending years working in areas of both Glasgow and London, where the negative effects of poor diets, physical inactivity and tobacco use on people’s lives were evident. Alongside her work at C3, Ina is passionate about refugee rights and spends time volunteering in this field as often as she can.

Ina's role: 

Ina works across a range of C3’s projects. She is part of C3’s communities team, delivering a community engagement project on diet and physical activity in two UK sites, using the CHESS™ tool. She also writes reports and case studies, is responsible for much of the day-to-day research at C3 and manages the organisation of C3’s series of International Breakfast Seminars.

How Ina practices what she preaches: 

Ina does the one-hour walk between her house and the C3 office as often as possible, listening to music or podcasts. She enjoys going for a run in one of her local South East London parks or going for long walks with her friends.

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