Pat Goodwin is an associate in evaluation at C3.  She spent the first half of her career lecturing in microbiology, biochemistry and genetics, and headed a research group working on soil microorganisms. She then joined the senior management team at the Wellcome Trust, which opened her eyes to other areas of research, particularly non-communicable diseases and public health.  Her responsibilities included developing and managing the Populations and Public Health portfolio , which supported initiatives in both the UK and LMICs. She is a former Director of UK Biobank and has served on the Board of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies and the International Steering Group of the Public Population Project in Genomics and Society.

Pat retired from Wellcome in 2011 and joined C3 as a part time associate. Currently she is also Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Society of Biology and Chair of the Policy Committee of the Microbiology Society.

Pat G.'s role: 

Pat’s main role is to advise on evaluation of C3, but she also sometimes gets involved in other aspects of projects where her scientific background is useful.

How Pat G. practises what she preaches: 

Pat aims to harvest fresh home grown produce throughout the year from her large allotment, which also provides an alternative source of exercise to the gym! 

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