Sarah Clarke is monitoring and evaluation officer at C3. Sarah was drawn to public health, particularly C3’s NCD mission, after losing her father at a young age from lung cancer. Sarah’s background is in social and behavioural interventions in global health. Her most recent work was with the International Rescue Committee coordinating an intensive health case-management programme for refugees resettled in Maryland, USA. Sarah’s specialty is qualitative research, and she has completed projects with the IRC, Médecins Sans Frontières and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Sarah’s role:

Sarah works on monitoring and evaluation projects for C3, and also publicises C3 projects and events through development of C3’s communications strategy, website, social media, newsletters and annual review

How Sarah practises what she preaches:

Since joining C3 Sarah’s fruit consumption has increased significantly, her stair climbing has become much more ambitious, and she tries to get up from her desk at least once an hour.

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