Flexible, influential, well-connected

We’ve brought together experts to help realise our vision of a world where it’s easier to live healthy lives. Our small London-based team’s impact and influence is substantial and stretches beyond the United Kingdom. We also utilise our extensive network of experts and friends around the world to enrich our projects.

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In addition to working with C3, our staff are deeply immersed in their specialties, often working on external projects and for other organisations, and sharing their expertise on advisory boards, steering groups and as trustees.

We leverage our staff’s knowledge and extensive connections to help you implement thoughtful, evidence-based projects. And, most importantly, we practise what we preach!

Christine Hancock
Founder & director

Christine Hancock founded C3 Collaborating for Health after a career working in nursing and Britain’s NHS.

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Elisabeth Morgans
Project & events manager

A chartered physiotherapist, Elisabeth manages C3’s various projects and coordinates events.

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Sarah Clarke
Monitoring & evaluation officer

Sarah Clarke is monitoring and evaluation officer at C3. Sarah was drawn to public health, particularly C3’s chronic disease prevention mission…

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Antonia Bunnin, C3 Associate
Antonia Bunnin

Antonia Bunnin is an associate at C3. Antonia has over 25 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector…

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Beverley Walker

Beverley Walker is the accountant for C3 Collaborating for Health…

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Christopher Exeter

Christopher Exeter is an associate at C3. He advises on strategy, fundraising, development and publications…

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Denise Stevens
Denise Stevens
Global health associate

Denise Stevens is president and founder of US-based MATRIX Public Health Solutions, creators of the CHESS™ community-engagement strategy used by C3…

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Hester Rice

Hester Rice is a C3 associate and has been with the organisation since its inception in 2009.

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Jane Abraham
Workplace health & wellbeing associate

Jane Abraham is the workplace health and wellbeing associate at C3. Jane developed her interest in…

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Michaela Nuttall
Associate in nursing

Michaela Nuttall is C3’s associate in nursing. She is a cardiovascular nurse specialist with a unique and varied…

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Tom Sandford, C3 nursing associate
Tom Sandford
Nursing, mental health & community development associate

Tom’s leadership, management and service development experience includes managing the…

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Nathalie Vauterin

Nathalie is a nutritionist and C3 associate working on our EU project ASPIRE…

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Christine Hancock founded C3 Collaborating for Health after a career working in nursing and Britain’s NHS. When she was President of the International Council of Nurses she saw the impact the growing burden of chronic disease was having across the world. Derek Yach at WHO was the first person who made her aware that prevention was what was urgently needed.

Christine’s role:

Christine leads the small team at C3, building on the contacts she made when she was CEO at the Royal College of Nursing and before that as CEO of Waltham Forest’s NHS. An economist from LSE she believes in the power of data, clear evidence and a good case to secure support from all areas of society necessary to achieve the change that is needed to secure healthier lives, especially for the most disadvantaged people.

How Christine practises what she preaches:

Christine stays fit with a weekly Pilates session, she eats much more fruit and vegetables and her pedometer and the web site have helped her find new areas of London.

Elisabeth is Project & events manager at C3. 

She is a chartered physiotherapist and continues to work as a physiotherapist alongside working with C3, in addition she is completing her Master of Public Health (MPH) at King’s College London. Elisabeth has worked in various areas of health including chronic pain, paediatrics, and women’s health, in both the NHS and private sector. Her interest in C3 and as a physiotherapist lies in  exploring opportunities to increase participation in physical activity for everybody. 

Elisabeth’s role:

Elisabeth works across much of C3’s portfolio, overseeing and implementing projects, liaising with partners and coordinating C3’s internal processes. Recent work includes community engagement in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets using CHESS™; the development of a toolkit for nurses’ health; and organising a series of meetings to discuss the commissioning of services for people living with obesity. She manages C3’s International Breakfast Seminar series and C3’s Workplace Health Movement – a network of over 200 WPH professionals. 

How Elisabeth practises what she preaches: 

Elisabeth enjoys keeping fit and anything that involves being outdoors. She has walked several stages of the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain, and she enjoys regular 5-10km runs. She is also a Pilates teacher and teaches regularly alongside her physio work.

Sarah Clarke is monitoring and evaluation officer at C3. Sarah was drawn to public health, particularly C3’s chronic disease prevention mission, after losing her father at a young age from lung cancer. She is a global health consultant with 7 years of public health experience with leading organisations in the United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada and Mali. Her specialities include non-profit communications and qualitative research, and she has completed projects with the International Rescue Committee, Médecins Sans Frontières and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH). Sarah currently consults for various non-profits in the UK and US, and is a qualitative analyst with the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine. She completed her Master of Science in Public Health at JHSPH with a concentration in social and behavioural interventions in global health. 

Sarah’s role:

Sarah works on monitoring and evaluation projects for C3, and also publicises C3 projects and events through development of C3’s communications strategy, website, social media, newsletters and annual review.

How Sarah practises what she preaches:

Since joining C3 Sarah’s fruit consumption has increased significantly, her stair climbing has become much more ambitious, and she tries to get up from her desk at least once an hour.

Antonia Bunnin, C3 AssociateAntonia Bunnin is an associate at C3. 

Antonia has over 25 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, much of which with health and care organisations.  Her previous roles include chief executive of social care charity Guild Care, director of hospice support and development at Hospice UK, director of policy and campaigns at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and head of public affairs at the Royal College of Nursing.  She has also worked as a management consultant with a range of public and voluntary sector clients.

Antonia’s experience includes: strategy development and implementation; charity governance; sector capacity-building and programme development; operational management; service delivery and development; research and evaluation; policy and campaigning.  Her interests include inequalities, community development and end of life care.

In addition to working with C3, Antonia is a visiting lecturer at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School and runs her own consultancy, Abalone Consulting, helping charities to increase the reach, scale and impact of what they do.  She is co-chair of The Orchard Project, a national charity supporting community orchards.

Antonia’s role: Antonia works across all of C3’s portfolio, with a particular interest in community engagement and community development projects.

How Antonia practices what she preaches: Antonia loves countryside walking and often walks on the beautiful South Downs in Sussex, and occasionally further afield.  She has a very sweet tooth but is trying to eat less chocolate and more fruit and vegetables.


Beverley Walker is the accountant for C3 Collaborating for Health. She is also the founding director of Tall Horse Accounts Limited and is a Chartered Certified Accountant. She has worked in senior management positions at Blue Chip companies in London for several years, and now finds great satisfaction in sharing her knowledge and experience to assist small and medium-sized businesses.

Christopher Exeter is an associate at C3. He advises on strategy, fundraising, development and publications. Previously, he was a director at UnitedHealth Group, a senior fellow in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London, and a senior civil servant.

Denise is president and founder of US-based MATRIX Public Health Solutions, creators of the CHESS™ community-engagement strategy used by C3. Denise was the Director of Evaluation for Community Interventions for Health (an Oxford Health Alliance programme) which was the first and most comprehensive multinational pilot study focused on the use of structural interventions with community coalition building, health education and social media to impact the burden of chronic disease.

She advises on evaluation, and C3’s CHESS community engagement programme.

Hester Rice is an associate for C3 and has been with the organisation since its inception in 2009. Before coming to C3 Hester worked for a political academic publishing house, developing an interest in the impact that social, political and economic constructs have on the way that people live their day-to-day lives. Hester was inspired to work with C3 because of the opportunity it offered to advocate for the social change that is needed to make our world a more healthful place.

Hester’s role:

Having worked with C3 for 10 years Hester has a broad and deep knowledge of the organisation. Now located in Cornwall, in the South West of England, Hester is promoting the work of C3 in the region. Hester has worked across much of C3’s portfolio, overseeing and implementing projects and liaising with partners. She has managed high-profile international health events in South Africa, Australia and India, as well as in the UK and overseen the production of numerous reports, and applications for funding.

How Hester practises what she preaches:

After several failed attempts Hester finally gave up smoking on the eve of her first day at C3. She is a member of the London Publishers Softball League, she runs regularly and sometimes practices yoga in her sitting room. She always tries to walk rather than take public transport and spends weekends finding her way across London on foot, or on a country walk.

Jane Abraham is the workplace health and wellbeing associate at C3. Jane developed her interest in this field after working in economic development and seeing the links between the improved health of the workforce and its impact on productivity and growth.

She is passionate about how using workplaces as a setting to improve individuals’ lifestyles can have significant impacts on the quality of life of individuals, benefit their wider communities, and can also bring about business success. A win-win scenario. She also wants to create more robust evidence about what really works so it is easier for businesses of all sizes to make good choices.

Jane is considered a specialist in her field with a wealth of experience in workplace health and wellbeing across policy, strategy, academia and with award winning delivery programmes. She has worked in this field for local government, across the UK in the areas of greatest health inequalities for the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) healthy communities team, and as one of the Regional Workplace Health and Wellbeing Champions delivering the Black report (2008) strategic outcomes in the SW of England. Jane has also been involved in extensive research with both UK and global academic research programmes, especially regarding engaging SMEs.

As well as working with C3 Jane is a Policy Fellow with the Joint Work and Health Unit (DH and DWP) and the Academic Lead on workplace wellbeing for University of Exeter business and medical schools.

Jane’s role:

Jane oversees all of C3’s workplace health and wellbeing activity, including the Workplace Health Movement.

How Jane practises what she preaches:

Before joining C3 Jane was an avid runner, completing many marathons. However, after many foot operations in 2015 she is not as light on her feet but walks wherever she can. As she hates the tube she is known to calculate walking times to all her meetings and can regularly clock up 20k steps per day. Jane tries to eat healthily (apart from chocolate occasionally!) and has never smoked and rarely drinks alcohol. 

Michaela Nuttall is C3’s associate in nursing. She is a cardiovascular nurse specialist with a unique and varied experience across the NHS and beyond. She developed her passion from prevention 20 years ago and has worked within it ever since.

Having recently left the NHS after 27 years, Michaela is the clinical director at Smart Health Solutions, Deputy National Lead for CVD Prevention at Public Health England, and is overjoyed to have joined C3 in 2016. Often seen as the voice of reason, and bringing balance and a pragmatic approach to prevention and health, she is the Chair of the Health Care Committee of Heart UK and an invited member of both the Nurses and The Guidelines and Information working party of the British Hypertension Society, elected member of the Association of Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Health Professional Education working party, on a variety of editorial boards and the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum. One of Michaela’s proudest achievements is founding the HEART UK NHS Health Check Awards. Being a Trustee at PoTS UK keeps her firmly rooted in the challenges patients face in living with life altering conditions.

Often not lost for words, she was delighted and overwhelmed when she won the Nutrition and Health Nurse of the Year Award in 2013.

Joining C3 has meant that Michaela can channel all her experience into prevention both in the UK and globally in supporting and driving forward the aims and goals this wonderful organisation.


Michaela’s role:

Michaela leads on C3’s NURSING YOU programme, which includes a free health and wellbeing app designed by nurses for nurses.


How Michaela practises what she preaches: 

Since joining C3, Michaela now walks to and from the train station whenever she is in the C3 office.  When no-one is watching she throws herself round the living room to a high intensity workout DVD 3 times a week.  She already eats masses of vegetables every day. She has never been a big fan of fruit, so instead of increasing that she has cut down on any mid-week alcohol.

Tom Sandford, C3 nursing associateTom Sandford is a C3 associate in nursing, mental health and community development. 
Tom’s leadership, management and service development experience includes managing the NHS mental health service across the London boroughs of Camden and Islington, and as the executive director for the England directorate at the Royal College of Nursing. His clinical experience as a nurse lies in the areas of family interventions and child and adolescent mental health services, and liaison psychiatry in acute hospitals. 
Tom’s role: Tom’s role at C3 includes leading on projects in mental health, nursing, employee wellbeing and engagement across communities for health gain. 
How Tom practises what he preaches: Tom cycles daily in London. He tries to cross boundaries and reduce marginalisation in the local community.   

Nathalie is a nutritionist and an associate at C3. She works in a London clinic and at the French Dispensary (DF-SFB) in Hammersmith. Nathalie works with adults, teenagers and children with weight and health issues, supporting them to thrive in an obesogenic environment to make sustainable lifestyle changes. She has also led various workshops for NHS funded programmes in various primary schools with parents and children on healthy eating and physical activity. In addition, she is completing her Master in Nutrition and Eating Disorders at UCL School of Medicine.

From her clinical experience she realised that in order to maintain behavioural changes and create healthier habits, our environment has to be shaped differently. Her interest in C3 lies in her wish to change the environment we live in, in our community or in our workplace.

Nathalie’s role: Nathalie is working with the CHESS team on a community project (ASPIRE) involving multiple partners on both sides of the English Channel. The ASPIRE project aims to engage the local community using the CHESS tool to co-create needs-based responses to tackle obesity. Nathalie’s role is to liaise with our French partners to engage residents in the 4 French communities during the different steps of the project.

How Nathalie practices what she preaches: She enjoys any kind of outdoor activities. She is a regular runner, having completed a couple of marathons. She enjoys hiking and cycling with her family during her holidays. She has also been practicing yoga joyfully for the last 20 years indoor and outdoor.