The mental health & wellbeing of nurses

Tom Sandford
11 Feb 2020

The mental health & wellbeing of nurses

Here at C3 Collaborating for Health, we try to look at issues that impact nursing, but which generally don’t generate enough mainstream commentary, despite being serious concerns for nurses and the health community. It’s remarkable that so little has been done to reduce the incidence of this distress.
Morgan Heileman
03 Feb 2020

Alcohol and cancer – are those pints a problem?

People tend to assume cancer is mainly passed down through families, but genetic factors only play a major role in 5% - 10% of all cancer types. In fact, most cancers are caused by DNA mutations that occur during a person’s lifetime due to environmental factors. Did you know that alcohol – even in moderation – has been linked to cancer as one of those factors?
Katelyn Steenvoorden
23 Jan 2020

Is 10,000 steps a day the key to a healthy lifestyle?

With 10,000 steps as the goal for healthy living, we might assume that it’s the magic number to help eliminate our risk for heart disease, clear up our skin, give us the body of Beyoncé... right? Well turns out there is less scientific evidence to the magic number than we might think. Only now are researchers beginning to look into the effects of achieving 10,000 steps a day.
Ina Andersson
01 Jan 2020

C3’s 5 tips for a healthy new year

Each new year the Internet explodes with overwhelming advice about becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. Here are C3's 5 simple tips for a healthy new year.
Don Shenker
02 Dec 2019

Promoting alcohol awareness at work – a win-win for all

A growing number of employers are recognising the benefit of raising alcohol awareness in the workplace – not because they suspect employees are drinking on the job, but because they believe it is just as valuable to promote a healthier relationship with alcohol as it is to promote a healthy diet and exercise. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why every employer should be promoting Alcohol Awareness.
Christine Hancock
01 Dec 2019

C3lebrating 10 years!

We're C3lebrating 10 years! See highlights of our accomplishments over the last 10 years and find out ways to become a part of C3's history.
Christine Hancock
01 Dec 2019

Mental health tips for nurses + their patients

It's remarkable that ten years ago we wouldn't have been able to have this important conversation about mental health of nurses and their patients. C3, in collaboration with Pfizer, designed and delivered Opening Doors: Addressing the mental health of nurses and their patients as one webinar in a short series on prevention and management of chronic disease.
Sarah Clarke
01 Dec 2019

Meet Jennie: Health coaching participant

Jennie is a Registered General Nurse and joined NURSING YOU 12 weeks ago. Designed by nurses, for nurses: NURSING YOU is an exclusive (and free!) health & wellbeing app to help nurses care for themselves so they can keep doing what they do best – caring for others.
Sarah Clarke
19 Nov 2019


Through randomised control trials, Credits4Health looked at a new way to enthuse and engage people in Spain, Greece and Italy in their own health through an e-platform providing personalised support to help them do more physical activity and eat more healthily.
Sarah Clarke
18 Nov 2019

Global NCD Scorecard

Can we measure the global response to chronic disease? Yes. Our Scorecard evaluated 23 countries’ approaches to chronic disease from interviews with over 400 multi-sector experts.