WHO joins C3 for LGCW – Dr Juana Willumsen: Physical activity: the benefits for cancer prevention

Paige Cowan-Hall
29 Nov 2022

WHO joins C3 for LGCW – Dr Juana Willumsen: Physical activity: the benefits for cancer prevention

Juana Willumsen is a technical officer of the World Health Organization in the Department for Health Promotion. Her current work focusses on policies to promote physical activity and developing the technical tools to support country implementation. She coordinated the development of the first WHO guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep for children under 5 years of age, that were launched in April 2019 and the update of the guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour for children, adults and older adults in 2020.
Linda Phung
25 Nov 2022

C3 meets the London Community Kitchen

On 8 November 2022, C3 travelled to Harrow and Wealdstone in West London to visit London’s Community Kitchen (LCK). Having started in a small church, LCK is now operating out of three London boroughs – Barnet, Ealing, and Harrow – where the H.Q. sits within a large community centre building. Led by Taz Khan, the...
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Paige Cowan-Hall
22 Nov 2022

Partners unite to provide oral health education for nurses and midwives

PARTNERS UNITE TO PROVIDE ORAL HEALTH EDUCATION FOR NURSES AND MIDWIVES In a global first, Colgate has partnered with C3 Collaborating for Health (C3), the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation (CNMF), and the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) to raise awareness about the importance of oral health and elevate the need for oral health education...
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Sarah Clarke
10 Nov 2022

Our Cities: the drivers of global health

Urban health is one of the greatest challenges to public health of the 21st century. While many of the risk factors for NCDs (noncommunicable diseases) - the number one cause of death and disability worldwide - are concentrated in cities, so are the solutions, and many cities are taking important actions across sectors to prevent NCDs. 
Paige Cowan-Hall and Elisabeth Morgan
31 Oct 2022

The link between physical activity and cancer

Physical inactivity is itself a pandemic – and a leading cause of death globally. According to the World Health Organization over a quarter of the global adult population (1.4 billion adults) is insufficiently active. Why is physical inactivity such a problem? The undisputed benefits of physical activity on physical and mental health are well documented, and subsequently, physical activity is a key pillar of all chronic disease prevention strategies worldwide. 
Molly Agarwal
22 Aug 2022

Dental health- it matters more than you think

If we have a problem with our tooth, it’s really a sign that things could go wrong later on’ -Dr Steven Lin  The Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide. Poor dental health impacts our general health and can negatively affect an individual’s ability to eat,...
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Paige Cowan-Hall
03 Aug 2022

N4HC – Nurses For Healthier Communities

C3 and The Burdett Trust have teamed up for an exciting new project, Nurses for Healthier Communities (N4HC). We believe that the key to healthier communities is happy healthy nurses. That’s why N4HC is offering fun free cooking classes, bike sessions and more to Asian, black and minority heritage nurses that live or work in Brent,...
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Nathalie Vauterin and Linda Phung
06 Jul 2022

Ultra Processed Foods: Why Are We Eating So Much?

Ultra-processed foods (UPFs) are on the rise globally. In the UK 57 percent of our daily calorie intake is from UPFs. Yet despite them making up more than half of what we eat, a lot of us don't know what they are...or how bad they are for our health.