C3lebrating 10 years!

01 Dec 2019
Christine Hancock

C3lebrating 10 years!

What has C3 accomplished in the past 10 years?

At C3 we’re reflecting on what we’ve achieved over the last 10 years thanks to our team, partners, funders and network members like you. Below is a timeline of our proudest moments or you can download a pdf version.

We’re excited to see what the next 10 years will bring. We welcome you to become part of C3’s history – view this page for ways to become more involved, or drop us a note at communications@c3health.org.



2009: London Founding

Public health leader Christine Hancock founds C3 to shift the focus from treating sickness to preventing chronic disease.




2010: Volcanic International Summit

With C3’s quick thinking, our New Delhi meeting for international leaders was a great success despite disruptions to delegates’ flights from an Icelandic volcano eruption.




2010: $8m grant

C3 manages the $8m United Health Chronic Disease Initiative, a network in low- and middle-income countries focusing on research, capacity, and policy.


2011: NYC visit

C3 attends the pre-meeting of civil society organisations and the UN High-level Meeting to set a new international agenda on chronic disease.





2014: Survey of 11 countries

The European Association for the Study of Obesity commissions C3 to survey 11 countries’ policymakers about obesity.





2016: Scoring countries on chronic disease

GRAND South & C3’s NCD Scorecard launches in The Lancet. 23 countries’ approaches to chronic disease are evaluated from interviews with multi-sector experts.




2017: National headlines

C3-led Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses makes national headlines by finding that 1 in 4 nurses in England are obese.




2017: 50th International Breakfast Seminar

C3 celebrates the 50th seminar of its unique and popular International Breakfast Seminar series.






2017: Archon Award

Sigma Theta Tau International recognises C3 with its internationally-renowned award for exceptional leadership in advancing health in the world.




2018: Building healthy communities

The Food & Drink Federation Awards shortlists C3’s CHESS® project with Nestlé, which engaged 5,000 community members in Scotland and England.




2019: Dreaming big with IBM

IBM creates a roadmap for refining C3’s innovative community-engagement tool CHESS® to guide C3’s strategy to scale-up future programming.




2020: ??

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