How do you make the business case for Health & Wellbeing programmes?

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Start: Tuesday, 8th February 2022 09:00 UK

End: Tuesday, 8th February 2022 10:00 UK

Dr Christian Van Stolk & Professor Kevin Daniels joined SOM & C3 for the latest in the Workplace Health series.Tuesday, 8th February 2022

09:00 UK


Health & Wellbeing programmes: how do you make the business case? How do you know if you’re effecting sustainable change in health and wellbeing?  Dr Christian Van Stolk (RAND Europe) and Professor Kevin Daniels (University of East Anglia) have developed a new course for executives, managers and HR professionals on research and how it translates into practice. They will present their findings and how to access and use their course and trail a new toolkit.