The Wellbeing Symposium

The Wellbeing Symposium

05 Feb 2019
C3 is excited to once again partner with Wellbeing People and Pillory Barn on The Wellbeing Symposium. Join us as the leading health & wellbeing event makes its London debut.

Collaborating to Strengthen Primary Care

04 Sep 2018
There is much positive talk of ‘multi-stakeholder collaboration’, but what does it really mean? Join C3 and Primary Care International in a discussion on which kinds of partnership are most effective for organisations focused on front-line healthcare systems, and the benefits for non-health organisations in collaborating with primary healthcare.

Evaluating health outcomes in workplace wellbeing: does measurement matter?

23 Aug 2018
More and more organisations are introducing initiatives to help protect and promote staff health and wellbeing. But does anyone measure if it’s really improving health and if so, how do organisations go about it? Research leader, Michael Whitmore, will share RAND Europe's latest findings at our next C3 Workplace Health Movement meeting.

Healthy nutrition at work

24 May 2018
Does changing what people eat at work really have an effect on their productivity and general health? British Dietetic Association's Elaine Gardner will discuss the BDA Work Ready programme along with practical learnings and resources.

‘O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature’s soft nurse…’*

18 May 2018
Join us for a seminar with Dr Carol M. Baldwin from Arizona State University, as she reveals how the quality of our sleep can have a profound effect on our health particularly in terms of obesity and chronic disease.

Building Nigeria’s modern healthcare system: a local clinical governance approach

11 Apr 2018
Imagine going from working in the modern, relatively well-resourced NHS to being responsible for the health of 3 million people in one of the poorest states in Nigeria. You have just 52 doctors, 1,000 midwives and nurses, and less than £2 to spend per person. Could you cope? Join Professor Joseph Ana as he shares how he rebuilt a shattered health system.