Join us at the Wellbeing Symposium, 22 February 2017

16 Feb 2017
Sarah Clarke

Join us at the Wellbeing Symposium, 22 February 2017

What is the Wellbeing Symposium?

We are excited to be partnering with the Wellbeing People and Kent County Council for the 2017 Wellbeing Symposium, to be held in Canterbury, United Kingdom on 22 February 2017.

CPD accredited, the annual Wellbeing Symposium is now in its 5th year. This pioneering Symposium brings together health and wellbeing specialists to debate the industry’s most potent topics.

From mental health in the workplace to government wellbeing policy, obesity and resilience, delegates will have access to expert knowledge and advice from leading wellbeing professionals.

Join us for a day of keynote presentations, interactive workshops, 10-minute talks, wellbeing question time, networking and more.


A look at some of the keynote presentations

Health is an investment, not a cost
Christine Hancock, C3 Collaborating for Health

C3’s founder and director, Christine Hancock, opens the presentations by outlining the substantial evidence available indicating the benefits of health and prevention. Examples from C3’s global work, including with workplace health, communities, and health professionals, illustrate ways we can make it easier for people to live healthier lives by focusing on just three risk factors.


Wellbeing can be dramatic!
Martin Cleverley, Hazlitt Theatre

If attention to wellbeing starts in childhood, we may, in the future, overcome some of the health challenges that we face today. But how do you promote wellbeing for children?

Wellbeing People, Golding Vision and the RBLI looked to The Hazlitt Theatre’s Manager Martin Cleverley for a fun solution through an animation series called ‘Eddie and Friends’.


Making Health Everybody’s Business
Trevor Gasson, Wellbeing People & Caroline McBride, Golding Homes

This innovative proof of concept project seeks to use a new approach to tackling obesity. Commissioned by Kent County Council, for whom reducing incidents of obesity is a major public health objective, the project is being undertaken in the Maidstone Borough by Wellbeing People with support from several partners including Golding Homes.


Health and well-being in the workplace
Robert West & Debbie Dunkley, Baker McKenzie

What are the legal obligations underpinning health and wellbeing? How do they affect employers, individuals and the community? Translating legal requirements into an effective workplace strategy.


Mind the Gap
Christian Van Stolk, Vice President, RAND Europe

Mind the Gap reveals the impact on the modern workplace of lost productivity caused by staff health and wellbeing issues, resulting in an annual cost to the UK economy of nearly £64 billion. Chris will share findings that suggest such factors as common mental health problems, lack of sleep, financial concerns and bullying contribute to losses in workplace productivity.


One You
Phil Veasey, Business Development & Marketing Director, Mytime Active

Hear C3’s former public health and community engagement associate discuss how Mytime Active delivers this masterminded contract nationally, what are the challenges and the impact of delivering this type of contract.


The Working Caregiver – Caring for yourself while caring for others
Raman Sankaran, Simplyhealth

Three million people in the UK currently combine caring for a loved one with paid work.

The true scale of this can be hard to recognise at work. A study showed that 7% have felt isolated due to their caring responsibilities, 34% admitted to using their annual leave to care, and 21% had been forced to use sick leave. In 2017, Simplyhealth will launch Care for Life. It is designed to support not only employees who are active carers but also those who may one day be a carer.


Register today

The Symposium will also look at case studies illustrating leaders in workplace health and wellbeing. The day will end with a reveal of the winners of the Inspiring Wellbeing Awards.

Whether you are a business interested in an employee wellbeing strategy, a group/person wanting to enhance the wellbeing of your community or an individual going on your own wellbeing journey, register today and join us 22 February.