N4HC – Nurses For Healthier Communities

03 Aug 2022
Paige Cowan-Hall

N4HC – Nurses For Healthier Communities

“An excellent initiative, knowledge is power, and as a nurse I am always supposed to be learning” 

-Senior nurse participant, 2022

What is N4HC?

C3 and The Burdett Trust have teamed up for an exciting new project, Nurses for Healthier Communities (N4HC). Working with Black, Asian and minority ethnic nurses in Brent, Ealing, and Harrow we will create a dedicated peer support network of nurses who will learn new skills, and work with their local communities. They will use their new knowledge to help their community better understand their health risks, and how to protect themselves from the complications of COVID-19.

Scan the QR code or click here to register as an N4HC nurse!

Why those areas and why Black, Asian, and minority ethnic nurses?

Nurses have been overwhelmed by the impact of Covid-19 on them, their families, and their patients. Brent, Ealing, and Harrow have worse health outcomes, especially those related to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, than more affluent parts of London. Moreover, these boroughs have large minority communities that have experienced high rates of COVID-19 infection.

“I was scared all day – both in and out of work –

that I would catch COVID and pass it to my family and to patients.”

-Nurse participant, 2021


What will N4HC do for nurses?


Make them leaders and advocates:

  • Providing a free CPD- accredited online module for nurses about chronic disease prevention including,  nurses’ own health, prevention for their families and patients, and advocacy.
  • Creating opportunities for skill building in an area of their choosing such as, health promotion, leadership and more.
  • Helping them reach out to local communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and chronic disease.
  • Giving them and their communities a chance to voice the health interventions they believe are important for change. 


Support their health and wellbeing:

  • Building a peer support network of nurses passionate about Nurses for Healthier Communities; sharing knowledge and resources, and offering each other practical and emotional support. 
  • Expanding their knowledge about the wider determinants of health; how the conditions of which people are born, grow, work, live and age effect the lives and health of themselves and their communities.
  • Widening their understanding of COVID-19 risk factors and the benefits of vaccination.



Are you a nurse and want to be a part of N4HC?

Scan the QR code to sign up or click here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more email N4HC@c3health.org
We are looking for nurses who identify as Black, Asian, or minority ethnic heritage and are living or working in Brent, Ealing, or Harrow.