Report: International Sweeteners Workshop

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21 Jul 2017

Report: International Sweeteners Workshop

In January 2015, we hosted a two-day meeting* exploring sugars and sweeteners in relation to human health. Calling on our extensive network, we convened leading global experts from academia, government, nutrition, toxicology, non-governmental organisations, policy, media, and the sweeteners and beverage industries. These experts shared the latest scientific evidence on sugars and sweeteners, and identified partnership opportunities to address obesity and nutrition-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule. Topics addressed are outlined below. Download our International Sweeteners Workshop report for a summary of the discussion.

1. Obesity, nutrition-related non-communicable diseases and sugars

2. Sugars – the evidence

a. Is a calorie a calorie?

b. Liquid versus solid calories

c. Sugar ‘addiction’

3. Non-nutritive sweeteners – the evidence

4. Challenges to collecting data accurately to support evidence-based recommendations

5. Challenges to reporting scientific data accurately

6. Taking action

a. Education, messaging and behaviour change

b. Voluntarism and regulation

c. Partnership

7. Suggestions for industry action


* This meeting was held by C3 Collaborating for Health, in conjunction with The Coca-Cola Company, on 27–28 January 2015 in London.