05 Oct 2020
Michaela Nuttall


Self-coaching is being able learn about yourself, be more self-aware, embrace and overcome challenges.

Martha Bell (New York Times best seller) states ‘we have the ability to learn wisdom and as we learn, we become our own counsellor’.

This section will further explain what self-coaching is, how it can help you and how to use self-coaching strategies.


Bill and Sandy Hawkins: Five Strategies For Effective Self Coaching

What is it?

Five Strategies For Effective Self Coaching.

Type of resource

Online post

Read Five Strategies For Effective Self Coaching

Evercoach: The Ultimate Introduction to Self-Coaching

What is it?

This Guide is designed to introduce you to the transformational power of self-coaching.

You’ll discover essential, actionable skills, strategies and techniques to know your deepest motivations and connect with your biggest dreams and desires as you learn to become a world-class coach.

So, if you’re ready to rock self-coaching, let’s get started!

Type of resource

Online tool

Visit the tool


NHS Inform: Self-help guides for physical health and mental health

What is it?

Self-help guides for physical health and mental health.

Type of resource

Online guides

Access the guides

Project5: Evidence-based self-help resources

What is it?

A link to self-help resources that are evidence based – built for purpose, by us or others.


Maintaining wellbeing under stress

Type of resource

Reference sheets, videos, guides

Visit Project5’s website to see the resources

Samaritans: Self-help app

What is it?

Use our self-help app to track your mood and find practical tips and techniques to look after your emotional health.

Type of resource

Online app

View the Samaritans’ website / online app

TED Talk: Self-coaching

What is it?

Dev Pathik listens to the voice in his head, his inner coach. This voice pushes him to go further, dig deeper, try harder. It is a voice that we all can employ to overcome great adversity or to resist temptation. Everyone has this inner voice. Dev believes that when we teach others how to be more proactive coaches to themselves, the outcomes are extraordinary.

Dev Pathik believes that the single most important skill you will ever develop is the power of self-coaching. Dev will discuss how utilizing different styles of self-coaching can transforming personal outcomes and influence the way we educate, lead, and develop people. He will discuss the power of personal promises, self-coaching, and the concept of pursuing your very best self.

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YouTube video


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