SMARThealth Pregnancy in rural India: can low-cost, community-based interventions improve maternal health and NCDs?

19 Apr 2023
Paige Cowan-Hall

SMARThealth Pregnancy in rural India: can low-cost, community-based interventions improve maternal health and NCDs?

This seminar was a collaboration between C3 and The George Institute for Global Health.

In honour of WHO’s World Health Day theme, ‘Health for all,’ Professor Hirst discusses how mobile technology is being used to address health inequity in rural India. Every year, millions of women die from heart disease, stroke, and complications of diabetes, with the greatest number of deaths occurring in low-resource settings. Women who develop common pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, are at a greatly increased risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Detection, referral, and management of women who develop these complications during pregnancy and follow-up after birth could target preventative interventions before complications occur. Around the world, there are gaps in care during and after pregnancy, missing crucial preventative windows. The George Institute for Global Health developed SMARThealth to improve the detection, referral, and follow-up of people at high-risk of cardiovascular conditions in rural India. Professor Hirst and her team have adapted this intervention for pregnancy, creating a novel approach to address this care gap. Professor Hirst will also used her findings to explore what lessons we can learn in the UK to improve women’s long-term health in pregnancy and beyond. Dr Nicole Votruba also joined, sharing how The George Institute is implementing a mental health intervention within the project…

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About Professor Jane Hirst:

Is a  Senior Research Associate with the George Institute for Global Health (UK) and an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford.

Jane Hirst is an Australian consultant obstetrician based at the University of Oxford, UK. She is an active clinical researcher with projects focussed on global women’s health and investigating novel approaches to improve health care delivery. She has a particular interest in preventing cardiometabolic complications in women after high-risk pregnancy conditions such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Professor Hirst is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow. Her Fellowship title is “Pregnancy as an opportunity to improve women’s lifelong health”. She is PI for the SMART Health Pregnancy trial in India.