The ASPIRE toolkit: make ASPIRE work for you

29 Mar 2023
Paige Cowan-Hall

The ASPIRE toolkit: make ASPIRE work for you

Do you want to lead a healthier life or gain self-confidence? Maybe you’re a local community worker or organisation that wants to improve the health of their community? Then this toolkit is perfect for you. C3 collaborated with ASPIRE partner Vivons en Forme (VIF) to create resources that give communities the tools to make long term behavioural changes. From a healthy cookbook, tips for buying better food for less, workshops and more, C3 have adapted multiple resources on food, physical activity, sleep and wellbeing.

Get Moving Everyday

Being active is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing, and with almost one third of adults in England now considered to be physically inactive, this is more important than ever. This resource helps people get moving more in their day to day lives:


Healthy tips to fill your basket

Finding ways to make buying healthier food simple and affordable is the foundation of a balanced diet. In this resource we provide ways for people to fill their basket with healthy food and make the process of shopping easier:


Let’s get cooking

Now we’ve figured out how to buy healthy food at affordable prices lets cook some delicious meals. This leaflet and trainers guide provides simple ways to make the most of the food you’ve bought and show the fun side of cooking:

  • Read or download our lets get cooking- leaflet – providing tips that help build a healthy relationship with food and master the basics of cooking.
  • Get to grips with cupboard staples –  a great base for many meals.
  • Interested in running a workshop that helps your community develop a healthy relationship with food and get cooking?  Download our lets get cooking – trainers guide


Healthy cooking on a budget

Cooking healthy delicious meals on a budget can be a challenge. This cookbook provides easy recipes that feed up to six people. It’s perfect for people just starting out and those looking for new recipes to try! Read or download the ‘Easy recipes cookbook.’ 


Improve your sleep

Eating healthily and moving more is great but this can all be for nothing if we struggle to sleep. When we’re tired it’s a lot harder to take care of ourselves:


Take care of yourself

So, you’re moving more, eating healthier and sleeping well, what else is there? It’s important that we also take care of our wellbeing. Taking the time to do things that give us happiness and self-confidence is as important as keeping our bodies healthy. In these resources will look at a variety of ways you can take care of yourself, from time management tools, activities and more…


If you found this useful why not check out our practical guide? It supports organisations tackle weight based stigma in the workplace.