Workplace Health Movement

Working together with well-established and respected organisations gives us a greater chance to make a real impact and support individuals on the front line trying to bring about change.

– Stephen Haynes, Movement co-founder and workplace health professional

What is C3’s Workplace Health Movement?

Our Workplace Health Movement (WPH Movement) is a forum for networking and sharing best practice and practical tools in workplace health.

We bring together both those who have an interest in workplace health and workplace health professionals to hear from experts on a range of workplace health subjects and to hear about the best evidence to support their interventions.

These events also allow participants to share good practice, learn from each other and to network.

Officially launched in October 2015, we brought together our workplace-health contacts with the Workplace Health & Wellbeing Movement established by workplace health expert Stephen Haynes.

As of 2017, C3’s Workplace Health Movement has:

  • over 200 members from 150+ different organisations
  • held 7 events
  • 91% surveyed would recommend to a colleague
  • 96% surveyed would attend future event


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Who is the Workplace Health Movement for?

Membership is open to anyone involved in health at work. This includes:

  • Policymakers
  • Government
  • Health experts
  • Academics
  • Human resources (HR) and benefit practitioners

Are you interested in health in the workplace? Contact us to join our Movement today.


Why did we start the Workplace Health Movement?

We know that the workplace offers access to a large audience and is an effective channel for encouraging behaviour change and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

By building the capacity and knowledge of practitioners to deliver practical and proven solutions, our Workplace Health Movement supports the contribution that employers can make to the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Want more on workplace health? See our workplace health events and read about our workplace health projects.


The work of the C3 Workplace Health Movement in 2015/16 was kindly supported by the Mayor of London and Punter Southall Health & Protection. We also thank the Movement’s patron, Dame Carol Black, for her support.

Interested in the Workplace Health Movement? We’re looking for sponsors for 2017!