Nursing Minds: Mental health toolkit for nurses

By nurses for nurses

The Nursing Minds toolkit is a free, online tool designed by nurses for nurses through support from the Burdett Trust for Nursing. It highlights resources nurses can access before or during difficult times.


Nurses have always been under pressure.

However, the workload, pressure and stress levels have increased further as a result of COVID-19. A survey carried out by the Nursing Times (May 2020), states that ‘9 in 10 nurses are feeling more stressed and anxious than usual’. COVID-19 is a crisis in physical health and mental health.


‘Fitting our own oxygen masks first’

Nurses are devoted to their patients and many are prepared to make sacrifices to ensure that their patients are receiving the care they need. However, Dr Steve Boorman (author of the 2009 Boorman Review) states ‘you have to fit your own oxygen mask first’. Meaning, that nurses need to look after their own health first so they are in a position to look after others.

The toolkit includes information related to mental fitness, mental health and wellbeing, diet and nutrition, alcohol, finance, mindfulness, conflict resolution, relationships and much more. It was designed to be suitable for all nurses regardless of their specialism and where they work. We hope that the toolkit makes a positive contribution towards your mental health and positive wellbeing.


Not sure where to begin?

Take a self-assessment to see what toolkit resources to access

Are you having a very difficult time?

Whatever you are going through, no matter how difficult a problem may appear, there is always a solution and always someone to talk too.
Samaritans are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week (phone calls are free). If you want to talk, there will be someone there who will listen.
Tel no: 116 123 


16 Sep 2020
Tom Sandford
Are you worried that you or someone you know or care about is drinking too much alcohol? Drinking too much alcohol may be used as a coping mechanism for some nurses who are stressed or over worked.

Conflict Management

17 Sep 2020
Michaela Nuttall
Conflicts can occur frequently in the workplace, and healthcare is no exception. The toolkit introduces you to tools and strategies that will help you to avoid and manage conflict with patients and colleagues, and how you can resolve conflicts amicably.


18 Sep 2020
Tom Sandford
Nurses have been at the vanguard of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and emergency. The toolkit highlights how nurses can stay safe. It includes information on caring for patients with COVID-19, frequently asked questions and it addresses the anxiety of nurses who are working during a time of pandemic.

Diet & Nutrition

19 Sep 2020
Christine Hancock
It can be hard to eat healthy while working as a nurse and hard to find the energy to cook healthy meals once at home. Here are some resources that may help you incorporate healthier eating into your busy nursing schedule.

Discrimination and Prejudice

20 Sep 2020
David Okoro
This section explains what prejudice and discrimination is and what strategies you can use to challenge and tackle it.

Domestic violence

21 Sep 2020
Michaela Nuttall
Are you or someone you care about involved in an abusive relationship? Abusive relationships can involve an imbalance of power and control. The organisations highlighted in this section can offer survivors confidential advice, guidance and support. There are also resources available for abusers who want to change.

Ethnic Minority Inspiration

22 Sep 2020
David Okoro
From recipes to people, a few of the many and significant contributions of ethnic minorities.


23 Sep 2020
Michaela Nuttall
Effective financial management can have a positive impact on your mental health and general wellbeing. This section includes money saving tips, general money and financial advice, debt management and exclusive tools for NHS staff.

General assistance

24 Sep 2020
Tom Sandford
A list of resources not specifically tied to mental health but that are geared towards meeting healthcare professionals' basic needs. 


25 Sep 2020
David Okoro
Expert housing advice from organisations including Shelter, Peabody and much more.

Manage your Manager

26 Sep 2020
Tom Sandford
Forming a good working relationship with your manager is essential but on occasions, can be complicated and difficult. Managing your manager is about how you can build a positive relationship with your manager. This section will explain in more detail how you can manage your manager by improving communication and other vital do’s and don’ts.

Men’s Health

27 Sep 2020
David Okoro
Indicators point to widespread but under-diagnosed mental distress in men. A selection of resources related to men's mental wellbeing along with general and male-specific health.

Mental fitness

30 Sep 2020
David Okoro
How can we boost ourselves mentally as a way to prevent illness or build back up mental wellbeing? How can we add in these activities into our already stressful, overbooked lives?

Mental health and wellbeing

28 Sep 2020
Christine Hancock
Mental health and wellbeing are important at every stage of our lives. Our mental health will determine how we deal with many aspects of our lives. Including relationships and careers.

Mindfulness & meditation

01 Oct 2020
David Okoro
Mindfulness is about having an awareness of your thoughts, being in the present and using breathing methods and meditation to relax your mind and body.


03 Oct 2020
Michaela Nuttall
All relationships are different. Everyone would like to have a healthy and loving relationship, but that is not always possible. Healthy relationships rely on respect and communication. The quality of our relationships will have an impact on our well-being and will impact on all aspects of our lives. Including work. The relationships we have with others are also vital to our mental and emotional well-being.  


05 Oct 2020
Michaela Nuttall
Self-coaching is being able to learn about yourself, be more self-aware, embrace and overcome challenges.

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