Global NCD events

Changing behaviours and the environment to curb preventable and premature deaths from non-communicable diseases requires a global response.

See the great work of our network members and prevention colleagues from around the world. You can help support them by publicising and attending their events.

We also host many C3 events:

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September 2017

UKCO 2017

7 – 8 September 2017

Wales, UK


2017 National Prevention Network Conference

12 – 14 September 2017

Anaheim, California


14th International Conference on Urban Health

26 – 29 September 2017

Coimbra, Portugal



October 2017

Child Health Day

2 October 2017


World Mental Health Day

10 October 2017


World Obesity Day

11 October 2017


World Food Day

16 October 2017


Healthy City Design 2017

16 – 17 October 2017



November 2017

World Diabetes Day

14 November 2017