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Our team 

We pride ourselves on being a small and flexible organisation.

Since our founding we have grown considerably, and while our team is still relatively small we are tremendously productive. Each year we successfully take on and complete substantial projects, both in terms of number and scope. 

What is truly different about our team is the way we engage associates. In addition to our dedicated core staff, we have part-time associates who are experts in their field. By being deeply embedded in work for both C3 and other organisations, our associates enrich our projects through their experience and professional connections. 

Read our core team and associates’ bios to learn more about their expertise, why they joined C3 and how they practise what they preach.

As an organisation and as individuals we strive to practise what we preach. In 2015 we moved offices to CAN Mezzanine, which provides office space exclusively to third-sector organisations and encourages resident organisations to collaborate. This open-plan workspace is symbolic of our collaborative approach. We also:

  • Provide fresh fruit in the office, free-of-charge
  • Take part every summer in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge (formerly the Global Corporate Challenge)
  • Allow flexible work schedules for staff to accommodate family and other commitments


Trustees and International Advisory Board

Our trustees are renowned leaders in their fields and offer guidance across our main areas of work and help direct strategy for the organisation. 

We were pleased to have an excellent response to our call for new trustees in summer 2016 and have appointed four new trustees to our board. Read more about our trustees’ extensive experience and their role at C3.

Our International Advisory Board is made up of distinguished experts in the prevention of NCDs from around the world.


Our global network

Thanks to the networks of our international advisory board, trustees, executive leadership and staff, along with the contacts we’ve made through our work and events, we are happy to call on our global network of professionals in the NCD prevention and risk factors’ world. 

With 2,500+ members in over 70 countries, we always have someone to turn to for advice, to connect professionals together on a prospective project, and to share with our own learnings, best practice and updates.

Join our international network today.


We have wonderful partners and funders, too.