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As the nursing work force reaches breaking point, the time to act is upon us

17 Jun 2021
Hugo Mills
The biggest reason for nurses being absent from work due illness in England, Scotland and Wales is mental ill-health. In Northern Ireland, it is the second-biggest reason. C3’s nursing programme aims to develop strategies to promote the wellbeing of the nursing workforce. Our ongoing work to address the healthy weight of nurses has led to the significant consideration and analysis of nurses’ mental wellbeing. In 2020, commentary describing concerns about nurses’ mental health and wellbeing had reached a crescendo. A review of the literature describing the poor mental health and wellbeing of the nursing workforce was conducted by the Society...
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Christine Hancock addresses the George Institute on tobacco

04 Jun 2021
Hugo Mills
  On Thursday the 3rd of June, 2021, C3’s CEO, Christine Hancock joined the George Institute for Global Health to give a talk on: ‘Smoking in the time of COVID: Challenges and opportunities in Australia and the United Kingdom’ to mark World No Tobacco Day 2021. Speaking alongside others including Prof. Martin McKee of LSHTM and Dr. Sarah White at the Cancer Council Victoria, she touched on a number of issues including the effects of tobacco addiction pushing economically vulnerable people into poverty, and the still-high profile of smoking as an associated risk factor in premature deaths in the UK....
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Nursing minds: A response to the escalating concerns about nurses’ mental health and wellbeing

30 Mar 2021
Tom Sandford
Mental health related sickness absence is the biggest cause of nurses being absent from work because of illness/ill health in England, Scotland and Wales and the second biggest cause in Northern Ireland. Why isn't more being done? C3 interviewed 15 thought leaders for their insights on why more progress hasn't been made and their recommendations for what we should do now.

Nursing Minds: Mental health toolkit for nurses

23 Feb 2021
Sarah Clarke
The Nursing Minds toolkit is a free, online tool designed by nurses for nurses through support from the Burdett Trust for Nursing. It highlights resources nurses can access before or during difficult times.

Nursing Minds Survey

10 Nov 2020
Lauren Aucoin
As part of our project Nursing Minds, C3 has conducted surveys with 248 respondents about their experiences in nursing and the intersection of nursing and mental health.

Nursing Minds Project Update

23 Sep 2020
Lauren Aucoin
Nursing Minds is one of C3 Collaborating for Health (C3)’s current projects working to support the mental health needs of UK nurses and midwives.

Nursing Minds: A project supporting nurses’ mental health

20 Aug 2020
Tom Sandford
We're concerned about the escalating evidence that the mental health of our UK nurses is at risk and that more needs to be done to support them. Nursing Minds will engage nurses and leaders in developing a mental health toolkit and exploring barriers to and facilitators of protecting the mental wellbeing of heroic nurses during COVID-19 and beyond.

Mental health tips for nurses + their patients

01 Dec 2019
Christine Hancock
It's remarkable that ten years ago we wouldn't have been able to have this important conversation about mental health of nurses and their patients. C3, in collaboration with Pfizer, designed and delivered Opening Doors: Addressing the mental health of nurses and their patients as one webinar in a short series on prevention and management of chronic disease.

Meet Jennie: Health coaching participant

01 Dec 2019
Sarah Clarke
Jennie is a Registered General Nurse and joined NURSING YOU 12 weeks ago. Designed by nurses, for nurses: NURSING YOU is an exclusive (and free!) health & wellbeing app to help nurses care for themselves so they can keep doing what they do best – caring for others.

New film helps nurses to find healthier ways to cope

28 Jun 2019
Sarah Clarke
Watch No Yeah Buts, a powerful new film about how to better support nurses' health. C3 joined with Human Story Theatre and Nice Tree Films to use an arts-based approach to tackle this sensitive issue.

(Trailer) No Yeah Buts: A film about supporting nurses’ health

22 May 2019
Sarah Clarke
No Yeah Buts: A film about supporting nurses' health is the title of a soon-to-be launched film by nurses for nurses exploring the stress, anxiety and fatigue they experience and the ways in which unhealthy coping mechanisms can be replaced by healthy ones.

Including chronic disease in health-provider guidelines

21 May 2019
Sarah Clarke
C3 has been supporting PACK, an initiative of the University of Cape Town implemented in 4 countries. PACK includes a guideline, team-based training, health-systems strengthening, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses: Final report

26 Feb 2018
Sarah Clarke
The Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.) was a bold, ambitious project tackling a sensitive issue: raising awareness of obesity in the nursing profession and engaging nurses themselves in how to address this. Download the final report and an infographic detailing nurses' access to food at work.

Improving the health and wellbeing of the NHS workforce

21 Jul 2017
Download our report about workplace health and the NHS: a rapid review and areas for exploration; what good health can contribute to productivity; and a workplace health infographic. This work was supported through an award from the Health Foundation.