Welcome to the Healthy Nursing Collaborative


What is the Healthy Nursing Collaborative?

The Healthy Nursing Collaborative is a network of nurses, nursing organisations and other stakeholders sharing evidence, resources, materials and experiences to support nurses in leading healthier lives.

Through our past nursing projects, including our Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.), we have heard nurses’ call for a coordinated effort to support nurses’ health, especially in terms of:

  • Nurses as individuals;
  • Nurses in professional practice; and
  • Nurses as employees.

C3 is interested in sharing evidence and good practice to support, encourage and enable nurses to lead healthier lives by addressing the non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors as nurses’ health and wellbeing impacts not just on themselves as individuals, but on their families, patients and communities. 


How can you join the Healthy Nursing Collaborative?

Join the Healthy Nursing Collaborative today by emailing the moderator, Sarah Clarke (sarah.clarke@c3health.org).


Who can join the Healthy Nursing Collaborative?

C3 is keen to work with nurses from across the world to form a Healthy Nursing Collaborative with an informed, engaged and healthy nursing profession focused on living and promoting healthier lives. 

We welcome:

  • Nurses and nursing students
  • Representatives of nursing organisations
  • Interested individuals from other fields
  • Policy makers
  • Employers, human resources professionals

…and anyone else who is inspired to support nurses to care for themselves as well as they care for patients.


Next steps for the Healthy Nursing Collaborative

Members of the Healthy Nursing Collaborative will work together to co-create an overarching framework within which to support nurses in leading healthier lives. Such a framework would make it easier to:

  • develop and share evidence, resources, materials and experiences; and
  • to target information, education and communications appropriately (e.g. to nurses themselves, to employers and to policy makers)

…and support healthy behaviours to counteract NCD risk factors for nurses themselves, in their professional roles with their patients, families and communities, and in their workplaces.

To help avoid duplication of effort and to promote shared learning, C3 is pleased to facilitate an exchange of information and coordinate the development of such a framework, from June 2017 – May 2020, through funding from the Burdett Trust for Nursing.


[Report] Nurses’ Health: A survey of national nurses associations

This report contains an analysis of a brief survey carried out by C3 at the ICN Council of National Representatives (CNR) in Barcelona in May 2017. The survey focused on the involvement of national nurses associations (NNAs) in promoting and supporting nurses’ own health. NNAs are particularly well placed to advocate for nurses’ health, and some NNAs are already doing significant work in this area. 35 NNA representatives from 33 different countries responded to our survey.


Download the report, Nurses’ Health: A survey of national nurses associations


We thank graphic designer, Kevin Fernandes, for creating the Healthy Nursing Collaborative logo.