First Impressions Count

Using a radically different approach to workplace health, the First Impressions Count campaign is raising awareness of personal health and wellbeing
 in the NHS workforce through a social-marketing campaign.

Certain unhealthy behaviours are highly visible (i.e., obesity or smoking). When demonstrated by health staff, these behaviours detract from the credibility of their health promotion conversations with patients and may make them less willing to raise health promotion issues with patients.

The First Impressions Count project builds on research evidence that:

  • motivation is a key element of behaviour change; and
  • that for healthcare staff that motivation comes from a view that they should ‘practise what they preach’.

C3, along with project lead London South Bank University and project partner Younger Lives, was recognised through a Health Innovation Network Award for our involvement with this initiative.

Check back soon for more information, including evaluation results. 


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