Healthy communities project

2016 – 2017

With funding from Nestlé UK and Ireland, we are carrying out community engagement programmes with the local communities near two of Nestlé’s factories: Girvan, Scotland and Halifax, England.


What will the Healthy Communities project do?

As with all our community engagement projects, we are partnering with the local community members of Girvan and Halifax to find what aspects of the environment enable or prevent them from living healthy lives.

Through a community mapping exercise using the CHESS™ tool, insight sessions with community members and providing information on healthy eating and active living, we’ll work with the community to identify realistic and sustainable solutions that can utilise existing resources to overcome obstacles to a healthier diet and being more physically active.

This partnership includes elected representatives, public-health practitioners, voluntary and neighbourhood organisations and, most importantly, the people who call Girvan and Halifax home.


Why Girvan and Halifax?

In South Ayrshire in south-west Scotland, a population of about 6,700 people live in the small coastal town of Girvan. 

In South Ayrshire, hospital admissions relating to cancer, respiratory disease, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are all higher than the average for Scotland. In terms of obesity:

  • 70% of men (aged 16+) are classified as overweight or obese
  • 58% of women (aged 16+) are classified as overweight or obese

The town of Girvan also performs poorly on these health indicators. South Ayrshire further performs poorly on income levels, unemployment and crime levels. 

Far to the south of Girvan lies Halifax, England, the main commercial, cultural and administrative centre of Calderdale, West Yorkshire (Calderdale population: 203,826 in 2011).

Halifax includes the most deprived areas of Calderdale and scores higher than the Calderdale average on prevalence of coronary heart disease, cancer diagnoses and diabetes. Halifax has higher rates of obesity and low levels of fruit and vegetable consumption among schoolchildren. In 2015, Calderdale ranked the 105thmost deprived out of 354 districts in England.


Project highlights

Summer 2016 – Winter 2017



  • To support people who live in these communities to answer two questions:
    • how can we become more physically active?
    • how can we eat a healthy diet?
  • To work with the communities and partners to implement their suggested solutions


  • Community mapping exercise
  • Insight sessions building on the mapping exercise
  • Local capacity building


To find out more about the Healthy Communities project, please contact us. 


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