Taking responsibility for mental health at BT

07 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
This case study documents how BT has worked to shift employees’ mind-sets around mental health and wellbeing to ‘interdependency’, with employees looking after each other.

Food bank use is on the rise

04 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
When people struggle to put food on the table, nutrition often becomes a secondary concern. With food bank use in the US & UK on the rise, how does this impact nutrition?

Tackling sickness absence at National Grid

27 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
National Grid saved £8.9 million in 2008–2011 due to reduced sickness absence. Our case study explains how they achieved these significant workplace health results.

Holistic initiatives at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

21 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
Thanks to '5 ways to a healthier YOU', the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) has increased its overall score for improving staff health and wellbeing from 54.7 to 92.5 based on an audit by the Royal College of Physicians. Read our case study to see how GSTT achieved these impressive results.

Press Release: Small, bold charity honoured with global award for health leadership

02 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
Sigma Theta Tau International recognised C3 on 30 October 2017 with its internationally renowned award for exceptional leadership in advancing health in the world. Through this award, C3 joins the ranks of previous award recipients His Highness the Aga Khan, Save the Children, Dame Cicely Saunders and Dr Jonas Salk.

Addressing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

06 Oct 2017
Sarah Clarke
Data showed that musculoskeletal disorders were a key cause of staff absence – so Britvic decided to implement a service to prevent, address and treat employees’ musculoskeletal problems.

Iconic landmarks turn red for World Heart Day

29 Sep 2017
Sarah Clarke
Friday 29 September 2017 is #WorldHeartDay. Learn more about the world's biggest killer, and then register for C3's upcoming seminar about cardiovascular disease interventions.

Health Champions at Serco

08 Sep 2017
Sarah Clarke
The first in a series of case studies showcasing a range of workplace health initiatives, this post details Serco's Health & Wellbeing Champions Programme.

Social media & health

17 Aug 2017
Sarah Clarke
C3's intern explores the relationship between social media and health, and the differences in its impact on girls and boys in our latest blog post.

Exploring our own backyard: CHESS™ in Southwark

31 Jul 2017
Ina Andersson
We often don’t think to explore what is right on our doorstep. The C3 team was delighted to show employees at neighbouring Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity the CHESS™ tool at their away-day in July, exploring an area of Southwark in south London, the borough that C3 calls home.

Are TLAs harming health?

18 Jul 2017
Christine Hancock
As the debate continues about renaming non-communicable diseases (NCDs), C3's director asks: are three-letter acronyms (TLAs) harming health?

International Breakfast Seminars: Happy 50th!

15 Jul 2017
Ina Andersson
In the summer of 2017 C3 turned eight years old. Its series of international breakfast seminars has been going for almost as long, and June saw C3 celebrating its 50th seminar.

Managing health in a refugee camp

13 Jun 2017
Ina Andersson
C3’s Ina Andersson spent a month volunteering in the Alexandreia refugee camp in northern Greece, where residents are experiencing a number of health problems. Managing chronic disease is only one of them.

Language needs to follow function

07 Jun 2017
Sarah Clarke
We asked our Twitter followers if they agreed with a Lancet article calling for a renaming of non-communicable diseases. It received such interesting responses that we invited our network member, Dr Charlotte Augst, for her view. Should NCDs be reframed?

Nurses shine light on healthy living at RCN 50th Congress

25 May 2017
Pat Hughes
Self-care and prevention were high on the agenda when thousands of nurses, nursing students and healthcare assistants gathered in Liverpool in mid-May for four days of discussion at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 50th Congress.

Should a health intervention fit routines or disrupt them?

24 May 2017
Sarah Clarke
24 May marks the start of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, a 100 day journey to 'get the world moving'. Virgin Pulse's Andrea Maltman answers the question of whether a health intervention should fit routines or disrupt them using evidence from the GC. And, don't forget to wish C3 luck as we compete in the Global Challenge again this year!

Happy International Nurses Day!

12 May 2017
Sarah Clarke
12 May 2017: We at C3 congratulate the over 19 million nurses across the globe for the great work they do, and the opportunity they have to change the health of the world's population by incorporating prevention into their day-to-day nursing practice. Thank you!

Physical activity: the miracle drug

10 May 2017
Sarah Clarke
When the UK’s Chief Medical Officer said ‘if it was a pill, physical activity would be the miracle drug’, she wasn’t exaggerating. Some of the benefits of being active – for just half an hour or so a day – include:

A healthy weight initiative for nurses, by nurses

05 May 2017
Sarah Clarke
WIN. aims to explore whether nurses can be helped to maintain a healthy weight. Healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, are often hailed as ideally placed to tackle the global pandemic of obesity through frontline contact with patients.

Overcoming the challenges facing “healthy lives” interventions

02 May 2017
Sarah Clarke
Chronic, non-communicable diseases pose a huge challenge for England’s National Health Service. But the NHS itself is overwhelmingly concerned with sickness rather than health. Instead, the levers of change in our everyday lives – the environment, organisations and individuals that shape our decisions on health – lie largely outside the medical world.

Walking: the gateway to physical activity

09 Apr 2017
Sarah Clarke
In an ideal world, the easiest choice would be the healthiest choice but, over recent decades, physical activity rates have been declining due to modern forms of transport and changing habits. Walking is the most convenient, free and most broadly accessible forms of physical activity for people of all ages, but still many of us aren’t aware of the benefits regular walking holds.

NCDs: Getting the message right

07 Apr 2017
Sarah Clarke
Are NCD’s receiving the attention they deserve, or are other political issues that might appear to be more urgent obscuring their importance?

Investigating health with communities

30 Mar 2017
Ina Andersson
February in the UK is not exactly known for its warm weather. This particular day in February is no exception from the rule, but still a small group of local people have gathered at a community centre ready to brave the cold.

Salt: the forgotten killer

24 Mar 2017
Sarah Clarke
When thinking of making healthy dietary changes, cutting out sugar, carbohydrates and red meat promptly springs to mind – but what about salt?

Healthy Island? A look at the Isle of Dogs

06 Mar 2017
Sarah Clarke
We were commissioned to support a local charity to better understand the public health challenges facing people living on the Isle of Dogs. The charity trustees don’t live on the island, so how to bring the island to them?

Making health everyone’s business

01 Mar 2017
Sarah Clarke
Not even a power cut affecting half of Canterbury, including our venue, could dampen the energy of the attendees at last week’s Wellbeing Symposium.

C3’s tips for a healthy new year

30 Jan 2017
Ina Andersson
At the start of every new year, the Internet explodes with exhausting and overwhelming advice about becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. Here are C3's 5 simple tips for a healthy new year.

Chronic disease prevention and working-time regimes

12 Oct 2016
Sarah Clarke
For our October 2016 International Breakfast Seminar, we welcomed Professor Jane Dixon to speak about the interplay of working-time arrangements and ways of living that prevent non-communicable disease.