Our partnership values

As a partner and/or funder of C3 you commit to:

  1. Improving health in your organisation
  2. Joint actions based on robust evidence
  3. Not exploiting C3’s work purely for public relations gains or for forwarding an agenda inconsistent with health improvement 
  4. Declaring any perceived or real conflicts of interest with our guiding principles
  5. Allowing us to retain intellectual integrity over our projects
  6. Wherever possible, permitting us to share the learning with our wider network

We share our values to ensure transparent, conflict-free collaboration with all partners and funders.

C3’s director makes all funding or collaboration decisions and reports these to the Board for approval.

Where questions of potential or perceived conflicts arise, the Board of Trustees determines the final decision.

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Who do we partner with?

We at C3 Collaborating for Health believe that all sectors, including the private sector, must be part of the solution for effective, sustainable progress to be made in confronting the world’s biggest killer: chronic disease.

We aim to work with all industry sectors that can show that their goal is to promote the health of the public. C3 will not work with the tobacco industry.

We are committed to creating a trusting and neutral environment for all who genuinely wish to contribute to better physical activity and nutrition for all, and an end to tobacco use. 


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