Annual Review

People at the heart of prevention

2017 – 2018

Our Annual Review 2017 – 2018: People at the heart of preventionshares how C3 has focused on the people most affected and put them at the centre of much of our work.

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The global epidemic of preventable ill health and premature death shows no sign of coming under control… 

…despite many good policies and good intentions, so new ideas have to be tested.

When working in prevention at a population-wide level it’s easy to overlook the individuals whose lives are being affected. C3 has continued over the last year to put people at the core of our programming. It is imperative to listen to individuals’ stories about the barriers they face to living healthy lives, and to work with them in developing solutions. Through this collaboration, we hope to one day realise our vision: a world where there are no people dying from premature and preventable non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


In this review we highlight how C3 has put people at the centre of our work:

  • By partnering with two communities in neglected areas of the United Kingdom (England and Scotland) we have helped a third of the people living locally to devise their own solutions and work together to improve the communities they live in.
  • Our work with nurses in England has enabled them to design the changes they would like to see to improve their health and to give them the confidence to advise their patients.
  • Our global network enabled us to publish case studies on urban health promotion and on workplace health initiatives in resource-poor countries, and develop our Healthy Nursing Collaborative.



Highlights and low-points

2017 was a very tough year financially, but we were delighted to be recognised for exceptional leadership in advancing health in the world through the globally-renowned Archon Award.

2018 is looking stronger and we are grateful to our funders and partners but always keen to talk to more individuals and organisations who recognise that we need to work in unusual and creative ways to make progress in preventing the curse of illness, disability, early death and financial ruin which particularly affect vulnerable people.

Download our annual review to read more about our successes, plans for the future and ways you can get involved and help us make progress in making the healthy way the only way to live.

*This review covers the financial period to the end of December 2017, and details projects from April 2017 to March 2018.