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Collaboration. It’s one of our core beliefs. Only by bringing together different groups – especially those who don’t normally have an opportunity to meet – can we ever hope to tackle the rise of non-communicable diseases and identify realistic solutions to making it easier for people to live healthy lives.

At C3 we’re known for being able to leverage our global network to bring key people together (in fact, convening is one of our five key approaches). Our events include: 

  • Workplace Health Movement meetings, featuring tips from top professionals and networking opportunities for over 200 workplace health professionals. 
  • Roundtables and workshops addressing specific health challenges, working with partner organisations, such as the Health Foundation and Novo Nordisk A/S.
  • Larger meetings and events that we co-host with other groups, including the annual Wellbeing Forum

See a list of all our events (upcoming and most recent). 

And lastly, our staff are regularly asked to present their expertise at events and conferences, such as the Royal College of Nursing’s International Centennial Conference. Contact us to learn more.