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We pride ourselves on being a flexible, productive and well-connected organisation. Our multinational team are experts in their field. Deeply embedded in work for C3 and other organisations, advisory groups and trustee boards, our associates enrich our programmes through their experience and networks. We leverage our knowledge and extensive connections to help you implement thoughtful, evidence-based initiatives that help people live healthy lives.

Our extensive global network of over 2,500 experts from 85+ countries also inform our projects (Join our network).

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Christine Hancock
Founder & director
Antonia Bunnin
Beverley Walker
David Okoro
Denise Stevens
Global health associate
Elisabeth Morgans
Senior project manager
Jake Brown
Lisa Malone
Community engagement facilitator (Medway)
Michaela Nuttall
Associate in nursing
Nathalie Vauterin
Associate in nutrition
Molly Agarwal
Associate in nursing
Lola Kehinde
Associate in nursing
Paige Cowan-Hall
Communications & Campaigns Manager
Sarah Clarke
Monitoring & evaluation officer
Helen Donovan
Associate in nursing
Andy Jones
Zoe Keeping
Community engagement facilitator (Boscombe)
Linda Phung

Christine Hancock founded C3 Collaborating for Health after a career working in nursing and Britain’s NHS. When she was President of the International Council of Nurses she saw the impact the growing burden of chronic disease was having across the world. 

Christine’s role:

Christine leads the small team at C3, building on the contacts she made when she was CEO at the Royal College of Nursing and before that as CEO of Waltham Forest’s NHS. An economist from the London School of Economics she believes in the power of data, clear evidence and a good case to secure support from all areas of society necessary to achieve the change that is needed to secure healthier lives, especially for the most disadvantaged people. She has been a member of the NHS Health & Wellbeing Advisory Board.

How Christine practises what she preaches:

Christine stays fit with a weekly Pilates session, she eats much more fruit and vegetables and her pedometer and the WalkIt.com web site have helped her find new areas of London.



Antonia Bunnin is an associate at C3. 

Antonia has over 25 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector, much of which with health and care organisations. Her previous roles include chief executive of social care charity Guild Care, director of hospice support and development at Hospice UK, director of policy and campaigns at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and head of public affairs at the Royal College of Nursing. She has also worked as a management consultant with a range of public and voluntary sector clients.

Antonia’s experience includes: strategy development and implementation; charity governance; sector capacity-building and programme development; operational management; service delivery and development; research and evaluation; policy and campaigning. Her interests include inequalities, community development and end of life care.

In addition to working with C3, Antonia is a visiting lecturer at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), and runs her own consultancy, Abalone Consulting, helping charities to increase the reach, scale and impact of what they do. She is co-chair of The Orchard Project, a national charity supporting community orchards.

Antonia’s role:

Antonia works across all of C3’s portfolio, with a particular interest in community engagement and community development projects.

How Antonia practices what she preaches:

Antonia loves countryside walking and often walks on the beautiful South Downs in Sussex, and occasionally further afield.  She has a very sweet tooth but is trying to eat less chocolate and more fruit and vegetables.




Beverley Walker is the accountant for C3 Collaborating for Health. She is also the founding director of Tall Horse Accounts Limited and is a Chartered Certified Accountant. She has worked in senior management positions at Blue Chip companies in London for several years, and now finds great satisfaction in sharing her knowledge and experience to assist small and medium-sized businesses. 


David Okoro is an Education Consultant, Coach and Trainer working with young people and adults in schools, colleges, universities, business and community organisations.

He is passionate about delivering a holistic training approach, incorporating wellbeing and physical health. In particular, David has a keen interest in mental health, especially amongst BAME communities.

David has delivered programmes to over one hundred thousand people in the UK and abroad.

David has also advised government departments (including Department for Communities and Local Government and Cabinet Office), and was a key contributor to the Reach Report. He is a school governor and use to run his own charity which provided scholarships, text books, exercise books and pencils for young people in West Africa (Sierra Leone and Nigeria).

David was also the chairperson of the Anthony Walker Foundation (a charity promoting diversity and tackling hate crime), and was a director of the Nubian Times Newspaper.

In a previous life, David was a social worker providing support to children and their families.

David’s role:

David works across C3’s nursing and community engagement programmes, including creating our Mental health toolkit for nurses

How David practises what he preaches:

David has never smoked and does not drink alcohol. However, he does have a sweet tooth and would rather ditch the main course and go straight to dessert…nevertheless, his willpower is improving and he is eating more fruit and healthy snacks.


Denise Stevens, Ph.D. is C3’s Global Health Associate.  She has served as President and founder of MATRIX Population Health Strategies (www.matrix-phs.com), a health and human service focused social enterprise that has provided guidance to governments (local, state, federal), industry, academia, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and health care systems globally. Her work has weaved together data science, health content expertise, and management consulting principles into health and human services practice. As a pragmatic solution focused problem solver that integrates data science into her work Denise has designed programs, integrated evidence-based practices into health care and human services, conducted needs assessment and evaluation studies, as well as developed strategic plans for small and large health departments and health focused consortia nationally and internationally.  

Denise’s role:

At C3 Denise’s work focuses primarily on delivering a product she developed called CHESSTM, a novel community engagement strategy.  

How Denise practices what she preaches:

Denise practices what she preaches by mindfully eating (and enjoying!) a diverse selection of foods and engaging in regular sessions of high intensity workouts and strength training, as well as walking/hiking regularly.    


Elisabeth is senior project manager at C3. 

She is a physiotherapist and has completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) at King’s College London. Elisabeth has worked in various areas of health including musculoskeletal health and women’s health, in both the NHS and private sector. Her interest in C3 and as a physiotherapist lies in exploring opportunities to increase participation in physical activity for everybody. 

Elisabeth’s role:

Elisabeth works across much of C3’s portfolio, overseeing and managing projects within our community engagement, workplace health and health professionals programmes. Recent work includes community engagement in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets using CHESS™; community engagement using CHESS™ in C3’s latest multi-partner and multi-site ASPIRE project in England and France; and the development of a toolkit for nurses’ health. 

How Elisabeth practises what she preaches: 

Elisabeth enjoys keeping fit and anything that involves being outdoors. She has walked several stages of the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain, and she enjoys regular 5-10km runs. 


Jake Brown is C3’s administrator.

Jake has previously worked in varied roles within the employment sector; supporting those with mental and physical health barriers to reach their goals and improve their lives.

With nearly 10 years’ experience within the not-for-profit sector and a keen interest in mental health, Jake moved into public health working on various projects, one of which helped support men’s mental health. Learning of C3’s work on NCDs and the impact they have on mental health, Jake was keen to be involved.

Jake brings with him nearly 10 years of Administration experience, and has worked as a contract support assistant, an employability coach, and a management information assistant for national contracts, and a project coordinator for public health contracts across the UK and the EU. Recently qualifying to NVQ Level 4 in Business Administration.

Jake’s role:

Jake works across most areas of C3; providing administration support to staff, associates and contracts.

How Jake practises what he preaches:

Jake likes countryside walks and practising mindfulness. He tries to have a balanced vegetarian diet (but is trying to cut down on the sugar and the cheese!)


Lisa is community engagement facilitator for Medway. Lisa has worked within the local community for the past 18 years, delivering a wide range of healthy eating cookery classes to families in outreach community settings. Her work in conjunction with Public Health Medway, has helped families to understand where their food comes from and the importance of cooking healthy food for their families.

Lisa was originally trained as a chef and embarked on a teaching career after later discovering the joys of teaching. She received a Ba Hons in Education from South Bank University.

Lisa’s role within C3:

As community engagement facilitator, Lisa’s role is to deliver the CHESS action plan for Medway. Lisa is engaging with her community and planning events to encouraging health and wellbeing. She has already been running cookery classes for the ASPIRE pilot group and is looking forward to helping her community to cook and grow healthy food.

How Lisa practices what she preaches:

Lisa is a very keen gardener and although only owning a small plot she crams in as much as she can to feed her family which produces a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Lisa also enjoys walking and her new role has inspired her to book her first Pilates class.


Michaela Nuttall is C3’s associate in nursing. She is a cardiovascular nurse specialist with a unique and varied experience across the NHS and beyond. She developed her passion for prevention 25 years ago and has worked within it ever since.

Having left the NHS after 27 years, Michaela is the clinical director at Smart Health Solutions, founder of Learn With Nurses and is overjoyed to have joined C3 in 2016.

In 2019 she was Deputy National Lead for CVD Prevention at Public Health England and now remains as a clinical advisor.

Often seen as the voice of reason and bringing balance and a pragmatic approach to prevention and health, she is the Chair of the Health Care Committee of Heart UK and an invited member of both the Nurses and The Guidelines and Information working party of the British Hypertension Society, elected member of the Association of Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Health Professional Education working party, on a variety of editorial boards and the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum. Being a Trustee at PoTS UK keeps her firmly rooted in the challenges patients face in living with life altering conditions.

Not usually lost for words, she was delighted and overwhelmed when she won the Nutrition and Health Nurse of the Year Award in 2013.

Joining C3 has meant that Michaela can channel all her experience into prevention both in the UK and globally in supporting and driving forward the aims and goals this wonderful organisation.

Michaela’s role:

Michaela leads on C3’s nursing programme designed by nurses for nurses.

How Michaela practises what she preaches: 

Since joining C3, Michaela now walks to and from the train station whenever she is in the C3 office.  When no-one is watching she throws herself round the living room to a high intensity workout DVD 3 times a week.  She already eats masses of vegetables every day. She has never been a big fan of fruit, so instead of increasing that she has cut down on any mid-week alcohol.




I am an Associate in nursing at C3. I am also an overseas Dentist. I work clinically as a Dental Therapist and am passionate about preventative dental care that includes educating patients on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and its implications on general health and well-being. In the past I have also worked for the NHS to reduce oral health inequalities across the borough of Tower Hamlets, having treated and educated pupils in more than 70 primary schools in the borough.

From my own personal experience after my overall health took a toll post-pregnancy, I realized the crucial role public health can truly play in an individuals’ health. This made me more passionate about the wider determinants of health in stark contrast to just clinical treatment alone. I completed my Masters in Public Health from University College London.

I am also an Associate member of UK Faculty of Public Health contributing to a few of its SIGs – special interest groups.

Molly’s role: 

Working across C3’s program of Nurses for Healthier Communities.

How Molly practises what she preaches: 

Love outdoor runs and walks amidst nature. Enjoy listening to podcasts on topics exploring human behaviours. I am a vegetarian and a huge advocate for eating more veggies and fruits in the diet. I believe that healthy food plays an important role in lowering risk factors for chronic disease. Love experimenting cooking using healthier ingredients but also ensuring not to compromise the taste and the sheer joy good food brings.


Lola Kehinde is a registered nurse and works for C3 as an Associate in nursing. She has a

B.Sc. (Hons) in Health Studies from the University of Greenwich, an M.A in Medical Ethics and Law from Keele University and an MBA from the University of Hertfordshire. 


Lola’s role: 

As an associate at C3 Lola is working on Nurses for Healthier Communities, building a network of nurses who are passionate about healthy living and are willing to share their knowledge and offer practical and emotional support to each other and their communities. She supports nurses by expanding their understanding of social determinants of health, identifying the areas – such as genetics, behaviours, environmental and physical influences, medical care, and social factors – that affect their lives, health, and that of their communities. Utilising her nursing skills to develop and support nurses to use their professional skills and cultural understanding, especially those from Black, Asian, and other minority heritage, to improve the health outcomes of their communities.


How do you practice what you preach? 

As a nurse, Lola has always believed that she should be a role model for the patients she educates. As such, she maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of vegetables and fruits, and makes sure she gets in her 10000 – 12,000 steps a day.


Nathalie Vauterin is a nutritionist and is associate in nutrition at C3. She has completed her Master’s in Nutrition and Eating Disorders with a public health orientation at UCL’s School of Medicine.  

Nathalie works with adults, teenagers and children with weight and health issues, supporting them to thrive in an obesogenic environment to make sustainable lifestyle changes. She has also led various workshops for NHS-funded programmes in various primary schools with parents and children on healthy eating and physical activity. She currently works in a London clinic and at the French Dispensary (DF-SFB) in Hammersmith.

From her clinical experience Nathalie realised that to maintain behaviour changes and create healthier habits, in addition to education, our environment must be shaped differently. Joining C3 means exploring new opportunities to help people make changes in their lives to prevent chronic disease.

Nathalie’s role: 

Nathalie is working with the CHESS team on a European project (ASPIRE) involving multiple partners on both sides of the channel. The ASPIRE project aims to engage the local community using the CHESS tool to co-create needs-based response to address obesity. Nathalie is project manager for the French side of the project.

How Nathalie practises what she preaches: 

Nathalie is a regular runner, having completed a couple of marathons. She has been practicing yoga joyfully for the last 20 years indoor and outdoor. She also enjoys hiking and cycling with her family during her holidays. She sets clear boundaries to restrain her unconditional love for dark chocolate!



Paige Cowan-Hall is the Communications and Campaigns Manager at C3. With a love for strategic story telling that makes social impact she has over five years’ experience working in the global INGO and community interest field and three years’ experience in copywriting (B2C and B2B). She has expertise in both traditional in-house communications strategy as well as digital and social media skills. In her previous position as the Editorial and Communications Manager at Dope Black CIC, a community interest company dedicated to promoting voices from the African diaspora, she recruited and managed a team of writers globally. During her time as the IT Communications Officer for Save the Children International (SCI) she developed the communication strategies and copy for global projects and spearheaded initiatives that showcased how technology was used to aid programs and in humanitarian response. Highlighting the human stories behind the technology. 

Paige’s role: 

Paige oversees C3’s communications strategy, website, social media and e-newsletters with a focus on the ASPIRE EU project.  

How she practices what she preaches: 

Paige is a regular gym goer and loves a daily walk around the lake near where she lives.  


Sarah Clarke is monitoring and evaluation officer at C3. She is a global health consultant with experience with organisations in the United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada and Mali. Her specialities include non-profit communications and qualitative research, and she has completed projects with the International Rescue Committee, Médecins Sans Frontières and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH). Sarah currently consults for various non-profits in the UK and US, along with being a health technical advisor for International Rescue Committee and the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine. She completed her Master of Science in Public Health at JHSPH with a concentration in social and behavioural interventions in global health. 

Sarah’s role:

Sarah works on evaluation and fundraising activities for C3, and also oversees C3’s communications strategy, website, social media, and e-newsletters.

How Sarah practises what she preaches:

Since joining C3 Sarah’s fruit consumption has increased significantly, her stair climbing has become much more ambitious, and she tries to get up from her desk at least once an hour.



Zoe is Community Engagement Facilitator for Boscombe (Bournemouth). Zoe has lived and worked in and around Boscombe for over 20 years and brings a rich and varied experience to C3 having worked as an advocate and social welfare law advisor within the NFP/charity sector with national charities Shelter, NCT and The Children’s Society, as a volunteer within the community, a self-employed business owner and local event organiser.   

Zoe is passionate about supporting others and felt compelled to join C3 after seeing the job advert pop up on a local Facebook Group.  She values the opportunity to work within her local community to improve health, wellbeing & employment prospects for all. 


Zoe’s role:  

As community engagement facilitator, Zoe’s role is to deliver the CHESS action plan for Boscombe.  The community driven plan consists of 5 key priorities for action – physical activity, growing, communication, cookery and community events.  Recent work includes a ‘Family Food, Fun & Wellbeing’ event which brought together 19 families for a day of plant-based healthy cooking on a budget, hula hooping, nutritional talks and West African drumming and dance.  


How Zoe practices what she preaches:  

Zoe and her young family are committed to working towards living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, growing their own fruit and vegetables, keeping chickens, preparing family meals using fresh ingredients and playing an active role in local community recycling schemes to help reduce waste and recirculate unwanted household items.  Zoe doesn’t drive a car so can often be seen in and around Boscombe on her trusty bicycle. 


Zoe Keeping | Facebook 

C3 in Boscombe | Facebook 

@C3inBoscombe (@c3inboscombe) / Twitter 

Zoe Keeping c3 in Boscombe (@c3inboscombe) • Instagram photos and videos 


Helen is a C3 associate in nursing. She is an experienced nurse leader with unique experience and skills across a wide range of health care including the NHS, charity sector, social care and local authorities. She has wide nursing experience specialising in public health, health promotion and prevention of ill health and particularly in health protection with expertise in immunisation and vaccination. She was the professional lead for public health at the Royal College of Nursing developing and promoting the value of nursing to improving the public’s health.

She currently works independently, as a nurse consultant in public health and immunisation specialist trainer and educator for a range of organisations. She holds a senior lecturer portion at the University of Hertfordshire as senior lecturer. She is also the Chair of the Self-Care forum a national charity working across health and wider organisations to further the reach of self-care.

Helen’s Role:

Helen supports the C3 nursing programme designed by nurses for nurses.

How Helen practices what she preaches

Helen tries to keep fit and active, she does yoga everyday (or aims to) and walks regularly. She enjoys gardening and cooking and eats healthily, saving weekends for alcohol!

Get in touchhelen.donovan@c3health.org
Twitter; @HelenDon_RN
Linked in; https://www.linkedin.com/in/helen-donovan-496b1819/

Andy Jones is an associate at C3.

Andy has over 30 years’ experience as an academic. He graduated with a degree and PhD in environmental sciences and undertook research in that field for many years, becoming increasingly interested in the role of the environment as a determinant of population health. In 2012 Andy transitioned to working full-time in the field of public health by joining Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia as a Professor of Public Health where he led the Department of Public Health and Health Services Research. More recently he has worked in the public health team at Norfolk County Council, acting as an expert advisor in the use of research and evidence in public health delivery.

Andy has strong interests in the evaluation of health-related interventions and has partnered with a wide variety of organisations to support evaluation work, including local and central government, the third sector, health services, and academia. He uses more formal study designs such as randomised controlled trials, but he has a particular passion for taking a pragmatic approach to evaluation, which involves the application of mixed methods to fit evaluation around programme delivery to ensure high-quality evidence is produced on how programmes work in real-world settings.

Andy’s role:

At C3, Andy’s work involves the identification and delivery of research and evaluation opportunities to support the activities of the organisation.

How Andy practices what he preaches:

Andy is a keen runner and cyclist and uses his bike rather than driving when possible. He used to run competitively and came 155th out of 35,000 finishers in the 2008 London marathon. Deciding he was unlikely to better that, he now focusses on recreational running from his home in the Norfolk countryside. He finds the scenery moves past him more slowly than it used to, but the benefits to his mental and physical health from running are just as strong!


Linda is an intern at C3 and a MPH Candidate, at the School of Global Public Health New York University c/o 2023.

Linda’s role:

As a C3 intern Linda wrote her master’s final project with C3 on the effect of Brexit on cost-of-food and the implications for future health and NHS spending. Her most recent work has been with C3’s Founder Christine Hancock managing the ‘Nurses Addressing Oral Health’ project; coordinating steering group meetings where global nurses share their oral health experiences and brainstorm policy recommendations for the future. Linda is currently working with C3 Senior Project Manager Elisabeth Morgans on the CHESS report. 

How Linda practises what she preaches: 

Linda loves to Spin (cycling classes) and do hot yoga! She makes an effort to go a couple times a week in addition to walking places instead of using the subway if possible. She is currently in the process of trying to “health-ify”  her favourite traditional Chinese dishes.