Health professionals

Health professionals are among those best placed to give the trusted, accurate advice needed to help people live healthier lives and prevent chronic disease.

This is why we work with health professional (particularly nursing) communities to enhance their own knowledge and become advocates for their patients and families.

Thanks to our award-winning staff, we have decades of health professional and NHS experience. We’re also able to leverage the expertise and networks of our founder and director, Christine Hancock, from her time as CEO of the Royal College of Nursing and President of the International Council of Nurses.

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C3’s nursing programme

Designed by nurses for nurses, C3’s programme draws on our global nursing expertise to engage nurses in living healthy lives for themselves and their communities. Our objectives are to support nurses in:   

  • improving their own physical and mental health (particularly with physical activity, what they eat and drink, and tobacco use);
  • educating and promoting health and prevention among their patients, families, colleagues and communities;
  • advocating for making it easier to live healthy lives locally, nationally and internationally.

With more than 20 million nurses and midwives worldwide, imagine the progress that could be made if they were all supported to help others live healthy lives.

Our nursing programme also includes our Nursing Minds toolkit. The Nursing Minds toolkit is a free, online tool designed by nurses for nurses through support from the Burdett Trust for Nursing. It highlights resources nurses can access before or during difficult times.

“MAXIMUS are at the forefront of delivering digital solutions to drive behavioural change that leads to improved health. We were inspired by [C3’s Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses] from the outset and proud to work with C3 on NURSING YOU. Since launching the redesigned app in 2018, we have seen record numbers of nurses registering and we’ve been pleased by the positive reception the app has received.”

Dr Paul Williams, Division President, MAXIMUS UK

“The Burdett Trust for Nursing
acknowledges that while nurses play
a pivotal role in caring for patients
and families and helping them lead
healthier lives, they often neglect
their own health. We are delighted to
support the Healthy Weight Initiative
for Nurses (WIN.) and we believe this
will have an impact on nurses’ own
health and wellbeing as well as on
the care they provide.”

Shirley Baines, Chief Executive, The Burdett Trust for Nursing

Award for exceptional health leadership

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, recognised C3 at its ‘Oscars of Nursing’ with its internationally renowned award, the Archon Award, for exceptional leadership in advancing health in the world. Through this award, C3 joins the ranks of previous award recipients His Highness the Aga Khan, Save the Children, Sir George Alleyne, Dame Cicely Saunders and Dr Jonas Salk.