Richard Smith: Little global progress in countering non-communicable disease

Richard Smith
11 Jan 2018

Richard Smith: Little global progress in countering non-communicable disease

'There is an anxiety that investment in prevention might keep people alive to die of something else possibly more expensive.' Richard Smith shares highlights from C3's International Breakfast Seminar with Nick Banatvala, senior adviser to the UN Interagency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCD.
Sarah Clarke
08 Jan 2018

The Wellbeing Symposium

Register today for The Wellbeing Symposium, the event that takes you past the ‘wellbeing’ buzzword and towards practical solutions on building a strategy.
Ina Andersson
02 Jan 2018

A holistic approach to health at PepsiCo

PepsiCo's Healthy Living Programme focuses on four key areas of activity: smoking cessation, diet & hydration, physical activity and mental wellbeing. Read about the programme's impact and challenges.
Ina Andersson
01 Jan 2018

C3’s 5 tips for a healthy new year

Each new year the Internet explodes with overwhelming advice about becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. Here are C3's 5 simple tips for a healthy new year.
Sarah Clarke
07 Dec 2017

Taking responsibility for mental health at BT

This case study documents how BT has worked to shift employees’ mind-sets around mental health and wellbeing to ‘interdependency’, with employees looking after each other.
Sarah Clarke
04 Dec 2017

Food bank use is on the rise

When people struggle to put food on the table, nutrition often becomes a secondary concern. With food bank use in the US & UK on the rise, how does this impact nutrition?
Sarah Clarke
27 Nov 2017

Tackling sickness absence at National Grid

National Grid saved £8.9 million in 2008–2011 due to reduced sickness absence. Our case study explains how they achieved these significant workplace health results.
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