Director’s diary: Understanding C3’s work

07 Oct 2019
Christine Hancock
Sometimes people say they don’t understand why we do certain things but we are true to our core mission to create changes that make it easier for people to stop smoking, improve what they eat and drink and do more physical activity.

Is it time for wellbeing providers to be accredited?

07 Aug 2019
Sarah Clarke
Google ‘Health and Wellbeing providers in the UK' and you will find over 40 million to choose from. Is it time for a system of accreditation for this burgeoning industry? Find out more in this article written by C3’s workplace health associate Jane Abraham and published on the People Management website. 

C3 speaks to 5,300 nurses at ICN Congress in Singapore

30 Jul 2019
Michaela Nuttall & Pat Hughes
5,300 nurses from 140 countries met at the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress in Singapore. C3 enjoyed a high profile at the event, with C3 director Christine Hancock (former ICN president) giving a keynote and meeting with the WHO Director General.

New film helps nurses to find healthier ways to cope

28 Jun 2019
Sarah Clarke
Watch No Yeah Buts, a powerful new film about how to better support nurses' health. C3 joined with Human Story Theatre and Nice Tree Films to use an arts-based approach to tackle this sensitive issue.

“Nurses: A Voice to Lead Health for All”

13 May 2019
Christine Hancock
Florence Nightingale, the founder of professional nursing, was about heath and prevention as much as treating sickness, and the world needs her here now to preach her message.

Tasty, but healthy?

30 Apr 2019
Charlotte Langbo
Viewers have shared Tasty videos, BuzzFeed's "hands and pans" approach to cooking demonstrations, on social media over 800 million times. How are these videos affecting food choices and nutrition awareness?

C3’s letter to the editor

08 Apr 2019
Christine Hancock
Do we really have to suffer through exercise or can it be fun? C3's director responds to Barbara Ellen's opinion piece 'Let’s stop pretending exercise is fun. Like work, you’ve just got to do it.'

Director’s diary

25 Mar 2019
Christine Hancock
This was a really unusual and enjoyable week which started in the smart offices of a multinational finance company where I was supporting a successful small business which shares our passion for health and wellbeing.

Director’s diary: Think BIG

01 Mar 2019
Christine Hancock
No sign of Spring yet in London but this week has been full of optimism with wonderful people offering us their time and support as well as amazing belief that we should think really BIG!

How does C3 partner with communities to improve health?

29 Jan 2019
Sarah Clarke
What makes C3's community-engagement programme unique? An innovative, evidence-based approach that shifts decision-making to local communities by engaging them as ‘citizen scientists’ in an investigation about their health and the built environment.

Director’s diary

27 Jan 2019
Christine Hancock
C3's director Christine Hancock details the interesting organisations she's met this week in her inaugural "Director's Diary" post.

Coffee To Go: Friend or Foe?

09 Jan 2019
Jena Yang
C3's intern reflects on her habits and explores if there is a link between frequent caffeine consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

C3’s 5 tips for a healthy new year

01 Jan 2019
Ina Andersson
Each new year the Internet explodes with overwhelming advice about becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. Here are C3's 5 simple tips for a healthy new year.

The Health of our High Streets

17 Dec 2018
Sophie Kosky-Hensman
A new report tells us that Britain’s High Streets are getting unhealthier. The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) studied 70 major UK towns and cities, and measured the healthiness of different types of shops and businesses on the high street.

Complex is not the same as complicated!

03 Dec 2018
Liz Morgans
How can we get to actionable, sustainable, and cost-effective ways of preventing NCDs? Why complex is not the same as complicated, and the different thinking we need to address complex challenges and systems thinking in relation to non-communicable disease.

Experiences of an American in London – Vaping and smoking culture

01 Nov 2018
Laura Funk
As a twenty-year-old in an age group at risk of developing these habits, I can confidently attest that factors such as the flavoured e-liquid, an emphasis on vaping being ‘healthier’ than smoking and the misconception that vaping is not addictive really has an effect on young people.

C3’s promise for ‘my heart, for your heart, for all our hearts’

29 Sep 2018
C3 team
Every year on 29 September the World Heart Federation raises awareness of cardiovascular disease through World Heart Day. This year they are asking everyone to make a promise (or more!) of how they will take simple steps to live healthier lives. Here are C3's six promises. 

She did it! Thanks for your support!

24 Sep 2018
Sarah Clarke
Our thanks to the over 120 generous donors who supported C3's Trustee, Caroline Stanger, and her walking partner Dr Lizzie Tuckey as they took on the Marathon Walk London!

C3’s Trustee needs your support!

17 Sep 2018
Sarah Clarke
C3's Trustee, Caroline Stanger, is raising money for C3 by walking the London Marathon Walk on Saturday 22 September 2018. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. The money raised will help C3 continue to combat chronic disease through our programmes, events and global knowledge sharing.

Partnering for Impact: what kinds of collaboration are needed to tackle NCDs?

13 Sep 2018
Primary Care International
As Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) campaigners gear up for the 3rd UN High Level Meeting on NCDs later this month, C3's partners Primary Care International have been challenging everyone to make sense of the rhetoric around ‘multi-stakeholder collaboration’ and ‘multi-sector working’.

Community Engagement in Tower Hamlets

20 Aug 2018
Liz Morgans
Download C3's latest report: CHESS™ on the Collingwood Estate, a C3 community investigation commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council as part of their flagship Communities Driving Change programme.

Selena’s story

25 Jul 2018
From 2015 to 2017, the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.) engaged with over 400 nurses in England to design initiatives to help nurses to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Selena is a burns and plastic reconstruction specialist nurse, and was one of WIN.’s most active participants. Here is her story.

C3’s Annual Review 2017-18

16 Jul 2018
Sarah Clarke
Download our latest annual review to read more about our successes, future plans, and ways you can get involved in making the healthy way the only way to live.

5 Facts about C3’s International Breakfast Seminars

13 Jul 2018
Sarah Clarke
Watch our latest video for 5 facts about our International Breakfast Seminars, our popular seminar series showcasing best-practice examples of chronic disease prevention from around the world.

Making the healthy choice the cheaper choice

26 Jun 2018
J T Winkler and Tam Fry
Has the Soft Drinks Industry Levy been successful? C3 network members J T Winkler and Tam Fry write about a 'radical change' in a popular, mass-market product. Have we successfully given people economic incentives, and not just moral injunctions?

Richard Smith: Making 2018 the year of NCD

10 May 2018
Richard Smith
Progress has stalled over the past few years, but with better messaging, a simplified programme, and increased accountability then 2018 could be the year of NCD. Insights from C3's breakfast seminar with Robert Beaglehole, chair of the Lancet NCD Action Group.

One Health and Planetary Health Disciplines

21 Apr 2018
Valerie Colgate
Have you heard about the One Health and Planetary Health initiatives? This blog explores the link between these multi-disciplinary approaches and C3's work addressing non-communicable diseases.

Richard Smith: Urban health—finding a way around the health system

03 Apr 2018
Richard Smith
Urbanisation, said Jo Ivey Boufford, president of the International Society for Urban Health, is one of the four great challenges to health along with climate change, aging of the population, and the epidemiological shift from infectious disease to non-communicable disease. But, thinking about urban health challenges some deep-seated attitudes...

Liveable cities & health

16 Mar 2018
Kelly Adam
Is your city one of the most liveable cities in the world? C3's intern looks at the results from the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) 2017 ratings of 140 cities.

The Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses: Final report

26 Feb 2018
Sarah Clarke
The Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.) was a bold, ambitious project tackling a sensitive issue: raising awareness of obesity in the nursing profession and engaging nurses themselves in how to address this. Download the final report and an infographic detailing nurses' access to food at work.

Foster a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

21 Feb 2018
Valerie Colgate
Around the world, the month of February is designated for heart health. What can we as individuals, organisations and communities do to foster a heart-healthy lifestyle?

Use pharmacists as champions of public health

07 Feb 2018
Morenike Adeleke
What if pharmacists could break the cycle of simply prescribing pills for long-term conditions, and replaced them with a prescription for an improved diet or increased physical activity?

What is Dry January?

31 Jan 2018
Stephanie Mastorakos
How did Dry January start and is it effective in changing behaviours around drinking?

How can we make local food systems more inclusive?

26 Jan 2018
Erin Sullivan
Locally-sourced food is said to be fresher, more nutritious, be grown or raised more sustainably, contain fewer chemicals...and is often more expensive. Can we make local food systems more inclusive?

Richard Smith: Little global progress in countering non-communicable disease

11 Jan 2018
Richard Smith
'There is an anxiety that investment in prevention might keep people alive to die of something else possibly more expensive.' Richard Smith shares highlights from C3's International Breakfast Seminar with Nick Banatvala, senior adviser to the UN Interagency Task Force on the Prevention and Control of NCD.

A holistic approach to health at PepsiCo

02 Jan 2018
Ina Andersson
PepsiCo's Healthy Living Programme focuses on four key areas of activity: smoking cessation, diet & hydration, physical activity and mental wellbeing. Read about the programme's impact and challenges.

Taking responsibility for mental health at BT

07 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
This case study documents how BT has worked to shift employees’ mind-sets around mental health and wellbeing to ‘interdependency’, with employees looking after each other.

Food bank use is on the rise

04 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
When people struggle to put food on the table, nutrition often becomes a secondary concern. With food bank use in the US & UK on the rise, how does this impact nutrition?

Tackling sickness absence at National Grid

27 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
National Grid saved £8.9 million in 2008–2011 due to reduced sickness absence. Our case study explains how they achieved these significant workplace health results.

Holistic initiatives at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

21 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
Thanks to '5 ways to a healthier YOU', the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) has increased its overall score for improving staff health and wellbeing from 54.7 to 92.5 based on an audit by the Royal College of Physicians. Read our case study to see how GSTT achieved these impressive results.

Press Release: Small, bold charity honoured with global award for health leadership

02 Nov 2017
Sarah Clarke
Sigma Theta Tau International recognised C3 on 30 October 2017 with its internationally renowned award for exceptional leadership in advancing health in the world. Through this award, C3 joins the ranks of previous award recipients His Highness the Aga Khan, Save the Children, Dame Cicely Saunders and Dr Jonas Salk.

Addressing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

06 Oct 2017
Sarah Clarke
Data showed that musculoskeletal disorders were a key cause of staff absence – so Britvic decided to implement a service to prevent, address and treat employees’ musculoskeletal problems.

Iconic landmarks turn red for World Heart Day

29 Sep 2017
Sarah Clarke
Friday 29 September 2017 is #WorldHeartDay. Learn more about the world's biggest killer, and then register for C3's upcoming seminar about cardiovascular disease interventions.

Health Champions at Serco

08 Sep 2017
Ina Andersson
The first in a series of case studies showcasing a range of workplace health initiatives, this post details Serco's Health & Wellbeing Champions Programme.

Social media & health

17 Aug 2017
Tavia Hunter
C3's intern explores the relationship between social media and health, and the differences in its impact on girls and boys in our latest blog post.

Exploring our own backyard: CHESS™ in Southwark

31 Jul 2017
Ina Andersson
We often don’t think to explore what is right on our doorstep. The C3 team was delighted to show employees at neighbouring Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity the CHESS™ tool at their away-day in July, exploring an area of Southwark in south London, the borough that C3 calls home.

Report: International Sweeteners Workshop

21 Jul 2017
In January 2015, we hosted a two-day meeting exploring sugars and sweeteners in relation to human health. Download our International Sweeteners Workshop report for a summary of the discussion.

Improving the health and wellbeing of the NHS workforce

21 Jul 2017
Download our report about workplace health and the NHS: a rapid review and areas for exploration; what good health can contribute to productivity; and a workplace health infographic. This work was supported through an award from the Health Foundation.

The who, what, where and how of healthy lives

21 Jul 2017
We received an award from the Health Foundation to write a series about health and early years, children and young people, community and the workplace. Read the briefing papers today.

Obesity: perception and policy

21 Jul 2017
Funding from Novo Nordisk in 2014 enabled us, through a commission by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), to publish a survey of policymakers’ attitudes towards and knowledge of obesity issues from 11 countries.

International Breakfast Seminars: Happy 50th!

15 Jul 2017
Ina Andersson
In the summer of 2017 C3 turned eight years old. Its series of international breakfast seminars has been going for almost as long, and June saw C3 celebrating its 50th seminar.