Our services

Core to our vision is the belief that only by working with all sectors of society can we make it easier for people to live healthy lives.

Our projects span different levels of society: individuals, communities, organisations and businesses, policymakers and government. Six service themes unite our varied projects and reflect our areas of expertise:

  1. Strategy consulting
  2. Events management
  3. Writing & evaluation
  4. Community engagement
  5. Networks & partnerships creation
  6. Workplace health


Strategy consulting

Having started in 2009 in a time before prevention was viewed as important, we know quite a lot about health and wellness. Connected, known and trusted, we are the people multi-sector organisations turn to when they need critical, impartial advice about health and prevention. 

We support organisations to understand key health issues to inform their strategic priorities. We’ve provided strategy consulting to businesses (e.g., PepsiCo, Novo Nordisk A/S, Nestlé, People Plus), foundations (e.g., the Health Foundation), government (e.g., London Boroughs of Camden and Wandsworth, EU, World Health Organization) and charities (e.g., DiabetesUK).

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Events management

Not even erupting volcanoes can stop us from organising dynamic events that bring together the right people to answer complex health problems. We utilise our connections to convene multi-sector experts for problem-solving and vibrant networking. 

Having arranged dozens of events ranging from intimate groups to 200+ participants, we’ve seen and overcome many of the challenges that occur when trying to bring groups of people together (although nothing has compared to the successful global meeting in Delhi, India, that we ran despite many of the organisers and delegates being stranded half way round the world due to an erupting Icelandic volcano!).

View our events page for types of events we organise and contact us if you have an event in mind (or if you’re just really curious about our volcano story).


Writing & evaluation

We can conduct extensive research and analysis on nearly any topic related to healthy behaviours, chronic diseases and prevention. We then adeptly translate that research into actionable, plain English.

Our writing portfolio includes published journal articles, workshop reports, rapid reviews, scoping exercises, books and case studies. We’ve written for organisations such as Novo Nordisk A/S, the Health Foundation, PepsiCo, The Framework Convention Alliance, and the World Health Organization.

Many organisations are worried that their health programme won’t be beneficial or have adequate return on investment (ROI). We have specialised staff who will guide programmes in establishing appropriate evaluation measures to determine the impact of health initiatives over time.

Visit our publications page to see a selected list of our writing and evaluation work.


Networks and partnerships creation

Leveraging our diverse global network of over 3,000 leaders and experts in 85+ countries, we are the people to go to when you need to find a specific project partner or advisor. We are skilled at linking previously disconnected multi-sector organisations and providing a safe space for groups (who may not have worked together before) to meet for constructive dialogue about prevention and health.

See our partners and funders page for an idea of who we work with.