What are C3 International Breakfast Seminars?

Do you fancy breakfast and a chance to network at our London-based office with leading experts from the UK and internationally? Then you’re welcome to join us at our International Breakfast Seminars! 


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Bringing global work to a local audience

Drawing on our international network, we invite experts to present their work to UK professionals.

These seminars provide an intimate space for the presenters and C3’s local network to share challenges and best-practice examples of non-communicable disease prevention from around the world.

Innovative approaches to preventing chronic disease and promoting healthy living are always the theme for what attendees have described as our excellent and interesting seminars.  

I am very happy for you that the breakfast meetings are so popular. They are definitely a highlight in our calendars too!

– Attendee from the World Cancer Research Fund International


Fostering collaboration

Conversations over (a healthy!) breakfast have sparked collaborative projects and have even inspired one person to join C3’s staff. We always invite people from a variety of sectors to ensure dynamic discussion and networking.


Celebrating our 50th seminar

Our breakfast series began in 2010 with a talk about the potential health legacies of the London Olympic Games. They have since grown significantly, featuring over 45 speakers from five continents and 20 countries.

Write-ups of the seminars frequently appear as blogs by Richard Smith (former editor of the BMJ and former C3 trustee) for the British Medical Journal.

We were excited to celebrate our 50th seminar in 2017 thanks to the support of our network members and guest speakers. Here’s to many more!


Join us at our next seminar

Interested in attending an International Breakfast Seminar? Register here for upcoming seminars and check out our most recent speakers.

Are you an international expert travelling through London? Contact us to be a guest speaker.

We also host other events, including our Workplace Health Movement meetings, and events on behalf of other organisations. Get in touch if you would like to partner on organising an event.

Thank you all again for putting on such a great event this morning. I had a fun time, got to meet a lot of interesting people […] I’ve enjoyed collaborating with your over the short time we’ve known each other. [My colleague] always speaks very highly of your events and I can see why from today. As a speaker my experience was that it was easy, flowed well and (importantly, despite my own efforts), ended perfectly on time. Your graciousness, professionalism and easiness in working together are both rare and therefore highly appreciated.

– Speaker, International Breakfast Seminar 


C3’s 2019 series of International Breakfast Seminars is supported by:

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