C3 Collaborating for Health believes that only by working together can we make it easier to be healthy.

C3’s people

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Christine Hancock [email] is the founder and director of C3 Collaborating for Health. She is an experienced nurse, specialising in cardiac nursing, but also working in midwifery, community and mental health. She became a health service manager and was a CEO in Britain’s NHS for Waltham Forest, a diverse area of north-east London serving 200,000 people. For 12 years she was CEO and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing and then president of the International Council of Nurses where she was involved in policy-making through WHO and other UN bodies and visited 50 countries looking at their health care. In the UK she is a governor of De Montfort University, an adviser to Doctors.net, and a trustee of a charity for homeless people.


Sheree Bryant [email] is a research associate at C3. She writes articles for the website, coordinates @C3health social media, and supports C3 activities and events. She is a social entrepreneur and public health activist, and her postgraduate work at King’s College London focuses on vitamin D and public policy.

Katy Cooper [email] is senior project manager at C3. She is an experienced researcher and writer on chronic disease prevention, having worked in this field since 2005. She is primarily responsible for C3’s publications and website, as well as advising on many of its projects. Her previous jobs included time at Amnesty International UK, the International Business Leaders Forum and Maplecroft, roles in which she worked on developing ways to involve businesses in human rights. She has degrees from Oxford University (BA, Politics, Philosophy and Economics) and the London School of Economics (MSc, Human Rights).

Zoe Eccleston [email] is C3′s workplace health and wellbeing consultant. She is influenced by a desire to provide proactive solutions that encourage individuals to lead healthier lifestyles by advancing innovative employee wellbeing programmes. She has extensive experience in workplace health and has a solid and contemporary understanding of health and wellbeing developments and trends, following her lead roles in this field for RWEnpower,  British Gas and PepsiCo.

Pat Goodwin (BSc, PhD, FSB) [email] is a consultant to C3, with particular expertise in evaluation. She was a senior manager at the Wellcome Trust for over 20 years, and  managed the Molecular and Cell Panel, the Infection and Immunity Panel and the Functional Genomics Development Panel before taking over responsibility for the portfolio and strategy development in Infectious Disease and Populations and Public Health. She is a fellow and Council member of the Society of Biology, a member of the International Steering Group of the Public Population Project in Genomics and a former Director of UK Biobank.

Following a 15-year commercial marketing career, most recently as marketing director for Kraft’s UK confectionery business, Chris Holmes [email now applies his skills to tackling social issues, and is leading C3’s work on behaviour change. He led the programme for the Department of Health that became Change4Life, and in so doing became passionate about behavioural science, which led him on to set up and run NHS London’s Behavioural Insight Unit, and deliver behavioural programmes in deprived communities in Essex. In addition, he is developing products, based on primary research, which, through use, change behaviour leading to better social outcomes and generate surpluses to continue to invest in greater good. 

Pat Hughes [email] is working with C3 as a consultant in nursing, health and development. Pat undertook a variety of education, management and policy roles in the UK focusing particularly on workforce and organisational development. Internationally, she worked with WHO, contributing to the organisation of the Second Ministerial Conference on Nursing and Midwifery; developed strategies for managing the nursing workforce; and developed a pilot programme for community and home-based nursing in South East Asia.  As a consultant with the International Council of Nurses, her portfolio included professional regulation and education, and advanced nursing practice and women’s health. She developed and managed a project to provide access to and use of health information in refugee settings in Tanzania and Zambia.

Egle Paskeviciute [email] is responsible for all the day-to-day research undertaken at C3. She manages and runs several of C3’s events, including the organisation of C3’s regular series of international breakfast seminars. Egle is responsible for the administration of the C3 office.

Hester Rice [email] is a project manager at C3. Hester is responsible for managing a number of projects, including the publication of a newsletter for European parliamentarians on the prevention, treatment and care of diabetes, a series of books looking at the prevention, treatment and care of diabetes, various reports and the development of websites. Hester has experience of organising international meetings of 100-200 high-profile delegates, in South Africa, Australia and India, and regularly organises C3’s bespoke meetings. Hester is currently developing a proposal to bring together key experts and young health professionals from around the world, with a particular focus on LMICs.

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in sociology, Flo Smith came to work at C3 as an intern. Working on a project for a multinational retailer, she developed an interest in health-policy research, and is now working full-time with C3. She is currently working on a number of projects with the team, and hopes to expand her interests and gain more experience in public health.

Phil Veasey [email] is public health and community engagement consultant at C3. Phil has a track record of creating and scaling high impact strategies and programmes in local communities including a‘whole systems’ strategy to tackling obesity (‘Building Powerful Communities’), the community sport element of the National School Sport Strategy (including ‘Sport Unlimited’, for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education), and the Lawn Tennis Association’s Young People strategy, including the National Mini Tennis Programme (now the way in which children are introduced to and learn the sport globally). Phil was a member of the BMJ expert panel that created the Obesity Patient Decision Aid in March 2013.

Beverley Walker [email] is C3’s accountant.