Our mission: C3 brings together different communities to create changes that make it easier for people to:

stop using tobacco

improve what they eat and drink

 do more physical activity

Local neighbourhoods

04 Feb 2019
Sarah Clarke

C3’s unique community-engagement programme uses an innovative mobile tool that equips local communities in identifying barriers to good health.

Health professionals

20 Feb 2018
Sarah Clarke

C3 engages health professionals, particularly nurses, in becoming healthy lives champions. Our NURSING YOU programme, designed by nurses for nurses, includes an exclusive health & wellbeing app for nurses.


20 Jul 2017

We provide services (workplace health, strategy consulting) to industries overlooked by traditional public health approaches.

Latest Event

We host a range of events, including our International Breakfast Seminars and Workplace Health Movement meetings.

**Postponed** C3 Wellbeing Forum 2020

*Please note this event has been postponed.* Join C3 for this popular event where people from different sectors connected by a passion for health and wellbeing come together for an afternoon of expert speakers, specialist workshops, discussions and networking.

Start: Postponed. Join our email list for updates

Location: Mayer Brown 201 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3AF


Smoking, vaping and you – is vaping a real way to quit?

09 Mar 2020
Amanda Jarosik
Although not as nationally renowned as Christmas or Easter, National No Smoking Day (11 March), is a day worth celebrating. C3's intern, a US university student, shares the differences between the smoking and vaping culture in the US and UK. Here in the UK, e-cigarettes seem to be advertised largely as a healthier alternative to smoking and a way to achieve smoking cessation. In the US, however, the story is quite different.

The mental health & wellbeing of nurses

11 Feb 2020
Tom Sandford
Here at C3 Collaborating for Health, we try to look at issues that impact nursing, but which generally don’t generate enough mainstream commentary, despite being serious concerns for nurses and the health community. It’s remarkable that so little has been done to reduce the incidence of this distress.

Alcohol and cancer – are those pints a problem?

03 Feb 2020
Morgan Heileman
People tend to assume cancer is mainly passed down through families, but genetic factors only play a major role in 5% - 10% of all cancer types. In fact, most cancers are caused by DNA mutations that occur during a person’s lifetime due to environmental factors. Did you know that alcohol – even in moderation – has been linked to cancer as one of those factors?

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