C3 Collaborating for Health builds multi-sector Collaboration
to promote 3 behaviour changes:

stopping smoking

improving what we eat and drink

 increasing physical activity

to address the escalating non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic.


20 Feb 2018
Sarah Clarke

A free weight management & wellbeing app designed by nurses, exclusively for nurses.

International Breakfast Seminars

20 Jul 2017

Our seminars bring globally-renowned experts together with multi-sector UK professionals to discuss innovative approaches to health and prevention.

C3 Network

20 Jul 2017

C3 draws on experts from its global network of 2,500+ members and 72 countries. Join our network today!

Latest Event

We host a range of events, including our International Breakfast Seminars and Workplace Health Movement meetings.

The global nutrition crisis – and what food & beverage manufacturers are doing (or not doing) to address it

The Access to Nutrition Index is the first systematic effort to compare major global food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers’ contribution to addressing global nutrition challenges: the good, bad and opportunities for improvement. Join us 17 July to hear how the world's largest F&B organisations rate.

Start: Tuesday, 17 July 2018 at 8:30 am (breakfast & registration from 8am)

Location: CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4YR


Richard Smith: Making 2018 the year of NCD

10 May 2018
Richard Smith
Progress has stalled over the past few years, but with better messaging, a simplified programme, and increased accountability then 2018 could be the year of NCD. Insights from C3's breakfast seminar with Robert Beaglehole, chair of the Lancet NCD Action Group.

One Health and Planetary Health Disciplines

21 Apr 2018
Valerie Colgate
Have you heard about the One Health and Planetary Health initiatives? This blog explores the link between these multi-disciplinary approaches and C3's work addressing non-communicable diseases.