C3 Collaborating for Health builds multi-sector Collaboration
to promote 3 behaviour changes:

stopping smoking

improving what we eat and drink

 increasing physical activity

to address the escalating non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic.

The who, what, where and how of healthy lives

20 Jul 2017

We received an award from the Health Foundation to write a series about health and early years, children and young people, community and the workplace. Read the briefing papers today.

International Breakfast Seminars

20 Jul 2017

Our seminars bring globally-renowned experts together with multi-sector UK professionals to discuss innovative approaches to health and prevention.

C3 Network

20 Jul 2017

C3 draws on experts from its global network of 2,500+ members and 72 countries. Join our network today!

Latest Event

We host a range of events, including our International Breakfast Seminars and Workplace Health Movement meetings.

Meeting the NCD-related Sustainable Development Goals: can the United Nations system fulfil its potential?

Join us 15 December to hear insights from Dr Nick Banatvala, who leads the Secretariat of the UN Interagency Task Force on the Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the World Health Organization, about the Task Force's role in meeting the NCD-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Start: 15 December 2017 at 8.30 am (breakfast & registration from 8 am)

Location: C3 Collaborating for Health, CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR


Taking responsibility for mental health at BT

07 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
This case study documents how BT has worked to shift employees’ mind-sets around mental health and wellbeing to ‘interdependency’, with employees looking after each other.

Food bank use is on the rise

04 Dec 2017
Sarah Clarke
When people struggle to put food on the table, nutrition often becomes a secondary concern. With food bank use in the US & UK on the rise, how does this impact nutrition?