• 30 Nov 2023
    For the 2023 London Global Cancer Week C3 Collaborating for Health and The George Institute were joined by speakers from the World Health Organisation (WHO), NCD Alliance, and Movendi International to explore the link between alcohol and cancer. Our panel of speakers (Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges , Maik Dünnbier, Professor Simone Pettigrew, and Liz Arnanz) are specialists in health, policy, advocacy, marketing, and behaviour change and discussed different regional responses in raising awareness of alcohols cancer risks, the efficacy of campaigns to decrease alcohol consumption in communities where ‘drinking’ is culturally entrenched and more. Watch now!

Our mission: C3 brings together different communities to create changes that make it easier for people to:

stop using tobacco

improve what they eat and drink

 do more physical activity

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Nurses: driving oral health promotion 

18 Jul 2023
Pat Hughes
This July 6,000 nurses from 130 countries gathered in Montreal for the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Congress. As part of this C3 partnered with Colgate to focus their attention on the most prevalent non-communicable (NCD) in the world – oral disease. Exploring the difference nurses could make to the oral health of people of all ages worldwide.

C3 joins WHO and Health Education England seminar ‘Working for Health 2030’

13 Mar 2023
Paige Cowan-Hall
WHO and Health Education England have partnered to deliver a leading programme to strengthen health workforce leadership. On March 13th 2023 C3 Founder Christine Hancock spoke at at the programme's first seminar, alongside other leaders in health from around the world, as part of the Working for Health 2030: Building Health Workforce Leadership.

Obesity and weight stigma in the workplace

13 Mar 2023
Elisabeth Morgan
As part of ASPIRE - an EU funded project addressing obesity and unemployment in France and England - C3 in collaboration with our ASPIRE partner VIF, has written a practical-guide to help employers better understand and prevent weight based stigma, both in the recruitment process and within the workplace itself.

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