C3 Collaborating for Health builds multi-sector Collaboration
to promote 3 behaviour changes:

stopping smoking
improving what we eat and drink
increasing physical activity

to address the escalating non-communicable disease (NCD) epidemic

CHESS™ tool

The CHESS™ tool is an innovative technique in our UK-based community-engagement programme.



International Breakfast Seminars

Our seminars bring globally-renowned experts together with multi-sector UK professionals to discuss innovative approaches to health and prevention.


Author: Sarah Clarke

C3 Network

C3 draws on experts from its global network of 2,500+ members and 72 countries. Join our network today!



Upcoming events

  • Evidence isn’t enough: getting the non-communicable disease narrative right

    Non-communicable disease (NCD) is the leading cause of death world-wide and has been so for the last 15 years. But what if evidence isn’t enough to convince the international community of NCD’s urgency, or that the global response needs to be escalated? What if it is our ability to tell a compelling narrative about the evidence that is lacking? Join us on Thursday 30 March for an International Breakfast Seminar with Johanna Ralston. Read more

Latest blogs

  • Investigating health with communities

    February in the UK is not exactly known for its warm weather. This particular day in February is no exception from the rule, but still a small group of local people have gathered at a community centre ready to brave the cold. The group is taking part in C3’s Healthy Communities project and they are about to embark on an investigative walk in their neighbourhood using an app* that will help them to see whether their local area helps or hinders their ability to live healthily. Read more

  • Salt: the forgotten killer

    When thinking of making healthy dietary changes, cutting out sugar, carbohydrates and red meat promptly springs to mind – but what about salt? Read more

  • Healthy Island? A look at the Isle of Dogs

    We were commissioned to support a local charity to better understand the public health challenges facing people living on the Isle of Dogs. The charity trustees don’t live on the island, so how to bring the island to them? Read more