• 14 Oct 2021
    How should healthcare professionals go about explaining to patients what hypertension is and why it poses a risk to their health, when there are no symptoms and the patients feel fine? This was just one of several key questions discussed among attendees at the end of C3’s International Seminar yesterday, delivered from New Delhi.  Prof. Dorairaj Prabhakaran is a cardiologist, and Vice President of Research & Policy at the Public Health Foundation of India, Executive Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi and Professor of Epidemiology) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He joined C3 to speak about the innovations taking place...
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Our mission: C3 brings together different communities to create changes that make it easier for people to:

stop using tobacco

improve what they eat and drink

 do more physical activity

Latest Event

We host a range of events, including our International Breakfast Seminars and Workplace Health meetings.

Obesity & discrimination in the workplace: breakfast seminar with Stephen Bevan

Join C3 and the Society of Occupational Medicine for the next of our workplace health series, this time looking at obesity and the workplace. What do we know about stigma around obesity and discrimination in the workplace? How does it affect women, compared to men? What does the evidence say about workplace interventions to support weight-loss? Should...

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Start: Tuesday 19th October 2021, 9am

Location: Online (Zoom)


Insight session in Abbeville for ASPIRE

27 Sep 2021
Hugo Mills
In early September, we ran an initial data gathering session with members of the community in the northern French town of Abbeville in Picardy. As a partner in Project ASPIRE, C3 is engaging with 7 different communities across the south of England and the north of France to survey their environments using CHESS™, with a view to reducing obesity and enhancing employability. There is a clear link between areas of high economic deprivation and areas where obesity levels are above average. Communities in these areas need support to combat those twin issues.   C3’s CHESS™ technology, designed to empower people to become ‘citizen scientists’ and gather...
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CHESS Walk in Brent for Prevention in Action

16 Sep 2021
Hugo Mills
Project Prevention in Action was conceived of with a view to addressing gaps and barriers in knowledge among healthcare providers as to the everyday challenges that low-income, disenfranchised, marginalised populations experience, particularly those who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and/or people living with NCDs, when attempting to engage in healthy and active living. To do this, C3 is inviting healthcare providers to join with local community members in using our innovative community engagement, digital health strategy known as Community Health Engagement Survey Solutions (CHESS™) in three communities in England, Ireland and France. Brent The community chosen by...
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CHESS Walk in Abbeville

14 Sep 2021
Hugo Mills
CHESS (Community Health Engagement Survey Solutions) is an innovative, data-driven community engagement process. Using the CHESS App, people come together to investigate their local environment, assess the factors that make it easier or harder for them to live healthily, and identify positive changes they can make as a community. It was created by C3’s Dr. Denise Stevens and includes a mobile tool that equips local communities to identify and map the daily barriers they face when making choices about diet, activity and healthy living.  Project ASPIRE As a partner in Project ASPIRE, C3 is engaging with 7 different communities across...
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