Meet our first 4 nominees for C3 Esteem!

01 Oct 2020
Sarah Clarke

Meet our first 4 nominees for C3 Esteem!

We are proud to announce our first four nominees for C3 ESTEEM, our new initiative to capture and recognise nurses’ achievements during the pandemic and its aftermath. We are seeking nominations for individuals or teams who, during COVID-19, are exemplifying “nurses for health” and doing great things to support healthy lives for themselves, their colleagues, patients, families, or others in their communities.

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Janette Dixon, and the school nursing team at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust: to help increase activity levels and improve the mental health of the team shortly after lockdown, a step challenge was organised. In June, 17 members of the team split into small groups, and every week there was a step total, encouraging some healthy competition! By end of 4 weeks, a total of 5,142,375 steps had been taken, with one staff member showing an improvement of 102%.

Nominator Nikki Ledingham, independent social worker, says that Kenny Gibson, national head of NHS safeguarding, NHS England & NHS Improvement is the life and soul of #earlyrisersclub. He promotes healthy mind and body as well as safeguarding advice and notes special days for prominent causes almost every day on Twitter. Each tweet motivates and encourages positivity with a thoughtful message and picture to all who are awake then and for those who catch up later in the day.

Marion Lynch, nurse, says: ‘I realised that I was unhealthy and, with asthma, would not do well with COVID-19.  I needed to be fit enough to fight it as well as work as a nurse. I have finished couch to 5k and started 5k to 10k. I have bought a bike and entered a half marathon in May 2021. My mission is to walk or run round the Isle of Wight in seven days (102km). I have lost 10kg and am now looking for a new nursing career  – 56 is not too old to try any of this.

Kenny Gibson, national head of safeguarding at NHS England says that ‘during the Covid crisis the small national and regional teams of clinical and project staff responded to up to 350 weekly enquiries, from which they developed key social media messages (#COVIDSafeguarding) and rapid reads to support health and care staff to protect every citizen from neglect, abuse, exploitation and  violence. Our social movement reach is over 6 million. We were available between 6am and 9pm to support safeguarding enquiries. #NHSSafeguarding is what we do every month before Covid and now we do #COVIDSafeguarding every day because safeguarding moments have not gone away; in many ways, they have accelerated. #ListenBelieveDoSomething’


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