7 steps to getting NURSING YOU supported by your organisation

Sarah Clarke
22 May 2019

(Trailer) No Yeah Buts: A film about supporting nurses’ health

No Yeah Buts: A film about supporting nurses' health is the title of a soon-to-be launched film by nurses for nurses exploring the stress, anxiety and fatigue they experience and the ways in which unhealthy coping mechanisms can be replaced by healthy ones.
Sarah Clarke
21 May 2019


The NURSING YOU app is an app designed by nurses, for nurses, in collaboration with MAXIMUS UK.
Sarah Clarke
21 May 2019

Including chronic disease in health-provider guidelines

C3 has been supporting PACK, an initiative of the University of Cape Town implemented in 4 countries. PACK includes a guideline, team-based training, health-systems strengthening, and monitoring and evaluation.
Christine Hancock
13 May 2019

“Nurses: A Voice to Lead Health for All”

Florence Nightingale, the founder of professional nursing, was about heath and prevention as much as treating sickness, and the world needs her here now to preach her message.
Charlotte Langbo
30 Apr 2019

Tasty, but healthy?

Viewers have shared Tasty videos, BuzzFeed's "hands and pans" approach to cooking demonstrations, on social media over 800 million times. How are these videos affecting food choices and nutrition awareness?
Christine Hancock
08 Apr 2019

C3’s letter to the editor

Do we really have to suffer through exercise or can it be fun? C3's director responds to Barbara Ellen's opinion piece 'Let’s stop pretending exercise is fun. Like work, you’ve just got to do it.'
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