C3’s Annual Review 2017-18

Sarah Clarke
16 Jul 2018

C3’s Annual Review 2017-18

Download our latest annual review to read more about our successes, future plans, and ways you can get involved in making the healthy way the only way to live.
Sarah Clarke
13 Jul 2018

5 Facts about C3’s International Breakfast Seminars

Watch our latest video for 5 facts about our International Breakfast Seminars, our popular seminar series showcasing best-practice examples of chronic disease prevention from around the world.
J T Winkler and Tam Fry
26 Jun 2018

Making the healthy choice the cheaper choice

Has the Soft Drinks Industry Levy been successful? C3 network members J T Winkler and Tam Fry write about a 'radical change' in a popular, mass-market product. Have we successfully given people economic incentives, and not just moral injunctions?
Richard Smith
10 May 2018

Richard Smith: Making 2018 the year of NCD

Progress has stalled over the past few years, but with better messaging, a simplified programme, and increased accountability then 2018 could be the year of NCD. Insights from C3's breakfast seminar with Robert Beaglehole, chair of the Lancet NCD Action Group.
Valerie Colgate
21 Apr 2018

One Health and Planetary Health Disciplines

Have you heard about the One Health and Planetary Health initiatives? This blog explores the link between these multi-disciplinary approaches and C3's work addressing non-communicable diseases.
Richard Smith
03 Apr 2018

Richard Smith: Urban health—finding a way around the health system

Urbanisation, said Jo Ivey Boufford, president of the International Society for Urban Health, is one of the four great challenges to health along with climate change, aging of the population, and the epidemiological shift from infectious disease to non-communicable disease. But, thinking about urban health challenges some deep-seated attitudes...
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