Sarah Clarke
04 Feb 2019


C3’s unique programme uses an innovative mobile tool that equips communities in identifying barriers to good health.
Sarah Clarke
29 Jan 2019

How does C3 partner with communities to improve health?

What makes C3's community-engagement programme unique? An innovative, evidence-based approach that shifts decision-making to local communities by engaging them as ‘citizen scientists’ in an investigation about their health and the built environment.
Christine Hancock
27 Jan 2019

Director’s diary

C3's director Christine Hancock details the interesting organisations she's met this week in her inaugural "Director's Diary" post.
Jena Yang
09 Jan 2019

Coffee To Go: Friend or Foe?

C3's intern reflects on her habits and explores if there is a link between frequent caffeine consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Ina Andersson
01 Jan 2019

C3’s 5 tips for a healthy new year

Each new year the Internet explodes with overwhelming advice about becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves. Here are C3's 5 simple tips for a healthy new year.
Sophie Kosky-Hensman
17 Dec 2018

The Health of our High Streets

A new report tells us that Britain’s High Streets are getting unhealthier. The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) studied 70 major UK towns and cities, and measured the healthiness of different types of shops and businesses on the high street.
Liz Morgans
03 Dec 2018

Complex is not the same as complicated!

How can we get to actionable, sustainable, and cost-effective ways of preventing NCDs? Why complex is not the same as complicated, and the different thinking we need to address complex challenges and systems thinking in relation to non-communicable disease.
Laura Funk
01 Nov 2018

Experiences of an American in London – Vaping and smoking culture

As a twenty-year-old in an age group at risk of developing these habits, I can confidently attest that factors such as the flavoured e-liquid, an emphasis on vaping being ‘healthier’ than smoking and the misconception that vaping is not addictive really has an effect on young people.
C3 team
29 Sep 2018

C3’s promise for ‘my heart, for your heart, for all our hearts’

Every year on 29 September the World Heart Federation raises awareness of cardiovascular disease through World Heart Day. This year they are asking everyone to make a promise (or more!) of how they will take simple steps to live healthier lives. Here are C3's six promises. 
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