Meet Jennie: Health coaching participant

01 Dec 2019
Sarah Clarke

Meet Jennie: Health coaching participant

Jennie is a Registered General Nurse and joined NURSING YOU 12 weeks ago.

Designed by nurses, for nurses: NURSING YOU is an exclusive (and free!) health & wellbeing app to help nurses care for themselves so they can keep doing what they do best – caring for others.

Now in its second year, the NURSING YOU app comes from a partnership with MAXIMUS UK. For 2019, C3 and MAXIMUS added one-to-one health coaching. This unique 12-week behavioural change programme supported nurses on their weight-loss journey, as health coaches helped decide on goals, track progress and helped nurses push through relapses.

Here is a Q&A with one of our health coaching participants. Learn more about the app and then email for the app access code!


How did you hear about NURSING YOU?

“I discovered NURSING YOU following a Google search when I was looking for initiatives to help me lose weight.”


What made you decide to take part in NURSING YOU?

“When I found out that NURSING YOU was only available to nurses – it felt like a natural, almost perfect fit. Taking part in an initiative to improve my overall health and wellbeing alongside other nurses has sense of community to it.”


What do you like most about Health Coaching?

“The one-to-one sessions enable and empower me to achieve my goals. Not only does it help me prioritise things much better than ever before, but I feel supported all the way.”


How would you describe Health Coaching to someone thinking of signing up?

“Health coaching is a really positive experience for anyone needing support, guidance and an opportunity to explore themselves. The resources we all have within our reach is not always obvious. Health coaching offers a different way of looking at things and is tailored to individual needs.”


What’s your ultimate goal?

“To be the healthiest I can be through diet, exercise and mental health support such as Mindfulness and Meditation.”


What have you achieved so far?

“I have lost weight, but more so, the foundations that are now in place will help me continue me on this path of wellness for the months ahead. My eating patterns have changed, I don’t have cravings for Carbs anymore. I eat in a more mindful way and plan ahead for those erratic days at work to stop me reaching out for a quick fix.”


With your end goal in mind, where do think you’ll be this time next year?

“Injury allowing, I aim to be more physically active and I hope to have reached my target weight and maintain it.”



Are you a nurse or nurse employer interested in the NURSING YOU app? Email for the app code to get started.