Oral Health: The Realities and Opportunities

05 Jul 2022
Sarah Clarke

Oral Health: The Realities and Opportunities

As part of National Smile month Stephen Ogweno of Stowelink Inc joined C3’s International Seminar to talk about the reality of oral health and opportunities for improvement.

Oral health care is still widely neglected, expensive, and information on oral care is still very hard to find. Stephen Ogweno asked critical questions and offered suggestions for opportunities for the medical community to improve oral health.

“As a person who continues to live with oral health issues, I understand the challenges that exist when it comes to affordability, accessibility and continuum of care. And as a global health practitioner and public health nurse I see the opportunities that exist for us to create change in the oral health space” – Stephen Ogweno

Stephen Ogweno is an advocate in the noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) field and is a steering member of the World Health Organization (WHO) NCDs Labs. Stephen is also the founder and CEO of Stowelink, an organization that has created numerous health programs in ten African countries.