A new way to evaluate

05 Jul 2023
Paige Cowan-Hall

A new way to evaluate

The C3 evaluation support service: A new approach to evaluation 

C3 Collaborating for Health is a leading charity with global reach. We operate across sectors with organisations working to tackle the burden of non-communicable disease. Taking a new approach to evaluation, we offer an evaluation support service for organisations like yours wanting to evidence the impact of your work. Our service is tailored to your needs. Rather than simply conducting an external evaluation and presenting you with the findings, we work alongside you.  This means you can generate robust evidence of your organisation’s impact without diverting substantial time and resources from your core work. We demystify the evaluation process, introducing straightforward yet impactful approaches, upskilling your staff, and saving you time and money by reducing your long-term reliance on external evaluation consultants. 

What does the service offer? 

We offer a bespoke service tailored to the needs of your organisation. You’ll work with Professor Andy Jones – a globally leading public health academic with decades of experience working with third sector and local government organisations. If you are interested to find out more, you’ll have an initial chat with Andy so that he can learn about your needs. You’ll then agree a bespoke package of work for your organisation that might include: 

  • The co-development of an organisational evaluation strategy or a protocol for specific pieces of evaluation work.  
  • The provision of on-line or in-person training for you and your staff that covers topics such as “What is evaluation?”, “Programme planning using logic models”, “Pragmatic approaches to evidencing your work”, “The difference between quantitative and qualitative data”, and “Gaining impact from evidence”. 
  • Informal support from Andy as required including attending meetings to discuss evaluation approaches or working alongside individual staff members to guide them in their work.

Why is this service right for your organisation? 

In an increasingly competitive funding environment, the need to evidence the impact of your organisation’s work is greater than ever. The problem with traditional evaluation consultancy is that once a report is delivered, you are back to square one as the commissioning organisation, not increasing your own internal capacity and know-how regarding evaluation. At C3 we work alongside you, supporting you to embed evaluation across your programmes whilst working within your budget. Our support means your organisation is more efficient, effective, and places you towards the front of the queue for funding.  

How do I find out more? 

To kick things off, drop Andy an email at andy.jones@c3health.org with any questions you might have or to set up a time for a no commitment initial Teams or Zoom chat.  

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