Obesity As A Cancer Risk: C3’s international seminar as part of London Global Cancer Week

Obesity & discrimination in the workplace: breakfast seminar with Stephen Bevan

07 Oct 2021
Join C3 and the Society of Occupational Medicine for the next of our workplace health series, this time looking at obesity and the workplace. What do we know about stigma around obesity and discrimination in the workplace? How does it affect women, compared to men? What does the evidence say about workplace interventions to support weight-loss? Should obesity be a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act? Stephen Bevan is head of HR research and development at the Institute for Employment Studies, with responsibility for developing innovative new projects and programmes with IES partners and other collaborators. The IES is a centre of research and...
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Innovations from India to improve cardiovascular care

07 Oct 2021
The burden of cardiovascular disease is rising in lower- and middle-income countries which are simultaneously hampered by poor awareness, inadequate access and suboptimal care. Several technological solutions are available which, if matched with trained non-physician healthcare providers, could result in substantial improvements at low cost. Prof. Doroiraj Prabhakaran, an expert in the field of cardiovascular care, will be sharing his experiences from India on innovations to prevent and manage CVDs in a variety of settings in India. Professor Prabhakaran is a cardiologist and epidemiologist by training. He is an internationally renowned researcher and is currently the Vice President of Research & Policy at the Public Health...
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Mental health in the workplace

06 Oct 2020
What are the best policies & practices for supporting employees' mental wellbeing? By positively managing and supporting employees’ mental wellbeing, employers can ensure that staff perform to their potential – and this allows the organisation to achieve peak performance. Join Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, to hear advice about how organisations can effectively support staff experiencing stress or mental health problems and boost the wellbeing of each and every member of staff.

Work, wellbeing and the pandemic

07 Aug 2020
What have organisations learned from the pandemic and how have they adapted? Join us for our first online seminar featuring Professor Kevin Daniels, University of East Anglia (United Kingdom), in partnership with RAND Europe and the Society of Occupational Medicine. Places are limited.

Supporting mental health in the workplace – getting the basics right

14 Jan 2020
Employers can find themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of managing mental health in the workplace: trying to navigate products and services on an evidence base that is still in its infancy. Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) and the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) have been working together to understand what works for managing mental health, and specifically, how to promote good people management through line manager mental health training

Data-driven employee health in business

15 Oct 2019
Come and hear our speaker Ian Edwards, Programme Director at Nomura Health and Fitness, discuss the use of health data to establish top health risks, proactive and reactive health spend, measured health innovations and pathways.

Opening doors – addressing the mental health of nurses and their patients

05 Sep 2019
Watch the webinar recording of C3 and experts discussing the role of mental health in wellbeing and the importance of prioritising nurses’ own mental health and that of their patients. The webinar was one of a short series on prevention and management of non-communicable diseases produced by C3 in collaboration with Pfizer.

Addressing musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in the workplace

18 Jul 2019
Join us for C3's Workplace Health Movement meeting with Professor Walker-Bone for employees and employers about preventing and managing musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace. Professor Walker-Bone is the Director of Arthritis Research UK/MRC centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work.