Postcards From The Edge

Postcards From The Edge

14 May 2021
In the edition of C3's webinar series in collaboration with the SOM, Caroline Stanger, a C3 Trustee, IBM associate partner, founder of the Global Chief Medical and Health Officer Network and NHS Non-Executive Director, will host a panel on issues related to workplace mental health, new ways of working and mandatory vaccination.

Heart failure and the return to work

12 May 2021
Join C3 for a breakfast-time talk with guests Carys Barton and Dr. Susan Piper where we will be discussing heart failure and the return to work. What is heart failure? What are its symptoms and how can it be managed? What are the psychological impacts? What special considerations do we need to take into account if we're taking care of somebody with heart failure or recovering from it?

Improving the heart health of New Zealand’s Pacific communities – the work of the Pacific Heartbeat team

22 Apr 2021
In this seminar we will hear about the health needs and health inequities experienced by New Zealand’s Pacific communities, and learn about the work of the Pacific Heartbeat team, set up by the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand.  Around 380,000 people in New Zealand derive from the Pacific Islands. Amongst Pacific people, there is a wide diversity of nationalities, ethnicities and languages. Pacific communities in New Zealand experience significant inequities and poor health outcomes. Life expectancy is 5 years lower for men and 4.5 years lower for women compared with the rest of New Zealand’s population. Rates of cardiovascular...
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The Health and Wellbeing at Work Summary Toolkit

07 Apr 2021
Join C3 and SOM next week for our #Workplace health seminar! In January 2021, PHE and Business in the Community (BITC) published the Health and Wellbeing at Work Summary Toolkit, which focuses on health and wellbeing at work providing practical, evidence-based guidance on how employers can support their employees to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Finding new partners in the global fight against Big Tobacco

16 Feb 2021
Dr King and Gail Hurley will describe the mission to broker innovative partnerships between the health sector and the finance industry – to bridge the staggering gap between those who suffer from tobacco and those who profit from it.

Mental health in the workplace

06 Oct 2020
What are the best policies & practices for supporting employees' mental wellbeing? By positively managing and supporting employees’ mental wellbeing, employers can ensure that staff perform to their potential – and this allows the organisation to achieve peak performance. Join Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, to hear advice about how organisations can effectively support staff experiencing stress or mental health problems and boost the wellbeing of each and every member of staff.

Work, wellbeing and the pandemic

07 Aug 2020
What have organisations learned from the pandemic and how have they adapted? Join us for our first online seminar featuring Professor Kevin Daniels, University of East Anglia (United Kingdom), in partnership with RAND Europe and the Society of Occupational Medicine. Places are limited.

Supporting mental health in the workplace – getting the basics right

14 Jan 2020
Employers can find themselves overwhelmed by the complexity of managing mental health in the workplace: trying to navigate products and services on an evidence base that is still in its infancy. Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) and the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) have been working together to understand what works for managing mental health, and specifically, how to promote good people management through line manager mental health training